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Final Fantasy 16 is being spoiled online due to ‘illegitimate acquisitions’

Square Enix has announced that physical copies of FF16, set to release on June 22, have been leaked, leading to Final Fantasy 16 spoilers. The company is actively investigating these unauthorized acquisitions and taking measures to minimize any potential harm caused. In light of this, Square Enix has urged caution among fans and warned about possible spoilers that may emerge.

The official statement was shared on Twitter, where Square Enix requested individuals who obtained early copies to show respect towards those who have yet to experience the game. They specifically asked not to share screenshots or videos and advised against livestreaming the game until the official release date of June 22.

Square Enix releases an statement about Final Fantasy 16 spoilers

“We’re aware that a small number of physical copies of Final Fantasy XVI are being circulated,” Square Enix wrote. “We are in the process of a thorough investigation into illegitimate acquisitions and are acting to limit this ahead of the official launch of the game on June 22nd.

“For those who receive a copy ahead of launch, we kindly ask that you do not share any aspect of the game; including screenshots, videos, and livestreams, until after Final Fantasy XVI has officially launched.

“Our priority is to ensure that the full game experience is not spoiled for our fans, and to do that we will be taking down any images, videos, or streams published ahead of launch day. We ask for your assistance and cooperation in this final week ahead of launch.

“It’s almost June 22nd, and we can’t wait for you to experience the full game the way the development team intended.”

But the Good news for those eagerly awaiting Final Fantasy 16 is that a playable demo of the game is now accessible on the PlayStation 5. This demo allows players to experience the initial hours of the game and even offers the ability to transfer their save data to the full version when it becomes available.

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