How to Play Wordle? Is it a Real Game or a Puzzle?

If your Twitter feed has recently become cluttered with yellow and green squares shared by overly smug people, then congratulations — you’ve seen Wordle.  This online puzzle game has gone viral in the past few weeks, as people everywhere have realized that a) it’s great and b) it’s an easy way assert their mental superiority […]

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Apple AirPods Pro 2 Hands-On

Apple’s new H2 chip and new drivers give the new AirPods Pro significantly superior performance all around. The long-rumored AirPods Pro (2nd generation) are official. Apple unveiled its latest noise-canceling true wireless headphones as part of its “Far Out” iPhone 14 event. They’re available for preorder on Friday and will ship starting Sept. 23 for […]

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iPhone 14 and 14 Plus + surprises with iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 and 14 Plus Hands-On: New Cameras, Larger Screen, eSIM Card Apple added several new features to its 2022 iPhone lineup without raising the prices. Apple dropped four new iPhone 14 models this year, including the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max which might have the buzziest new features. cnet :‌ The Pro models […]

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Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Series 8 hands-on: Smarter watches Apple has debuted its latest Apple Watches : the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 8, and all-new Apple Watch Ultra. The smartwatches run the price gamut from $249 for the SE to $399 for the Series 8, and $799 for the Ultra. I […]


What is Heardle Game Music? How do you Play Online? Free Word Game

What is a Hurdle? Hurdle is the new musical version of Wordle that everyone is playing. It follows the same premise as the viral game but instead of guessing a five letter word, you have to guess a song. The free online game plays you a short piece of the introduction of a song and […]


How To Play Nerdle Game Online? The Hard Daily Maths Puzzle + Mathematics Answer & Strategy

Nerdle is the new Wordle-inspired game in town that allows you to play Wordle but with numbers and equations. The game has been applauded by many and even teachers seem to have loved the idea. While the world was busy solving puzzles on Wordle, online gamers now have a clone of the viral word game […]


How Many People Use Wordle? + User Statistics (2022)

Since its launch in October 2021, Wordle has seen a meteoric rise to 2 million active users, making it one of the top Free Online Games worldwide. Between January 1 and 13, 1.2 million Wordle results were shared on Twitter ! How Many People use Wordle Right Now in 2022? Under 3 million people Play Wordle […]


The Best Gaming Phone 2022: Asus ROG Phone 5s, iPhone 13 Pro Max, OnePlus 10 Pro & More…

TOP 10 BEST GAMING PHONES 2022 ‏The best gaming phone is about to be revealed! These are all top tier, high-end devices for cloud gaming that have the potential to blow your mind with their gaming capabilities. We’ll go over what they offer and what you need to know about them so you can decide […]


Play Quordle Game : Solve four Wordles at once

What is Quordle 4 words Quordle is Wordle quadrupled. The principles of the game remain the same – players guess five-letter words each day and the game indicates if you have the right letters in the right spaces using green, yellow and grey squares. Play Quordle Word Game players have to guess four five-letter words […]

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 2 – Lobby Music

What is MW2 multiplayer lobby song? Mw2 Lobby is an English language song and is sung by OG Yacky. Mw2 Lobby, from the album The Pioneer, was released in the year 2019. The duration of the song is 1:57. Download English songs online from JioSaavn. Activision confirmed that Modern Warfare 2 will have a multiplayer […]

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What does Narrative Intelligence mean for the future of Artificial intelligence systems?

What exactly is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer or a robot controlled by a computer to do tasks that are usually done by humans because they require human intelligence and discernment. Most savvy organizations already possess some awareness of the conversation surrounding their brands. How could they not? It’s […]


Online Business Directories

Everyone has a unique specialty in modern societies designed on the model of capitalism. Upon the requirement of something that you do not have a specialty in, you need to acquire the services of another person. In an ideal scenario, this person’s availability will go well with your schedule and services in the area where […]


What is the best game console to buy: PlayStation 5, 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, & more…

Which Console Is For You? Game Console Buying Guide ‏With the recent new gaming consoles launching, it’s a great time to jump aboard the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S – or maybe buy a Nintendo Switch if that suits you better. And the PS4 and Xbox One are still around- let’s go over what game […]

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The Best Gaming Mouse 2022: Cooler Master MM720, Glorious Model D-, Roccat Burst Core & More…

TOP 5 Best Gaming Mouse 2022 The best gaming mouse is one that feels right for your grip and offers great performance with your favorite games. Getting a mouse that feels like it was molded to your hand, has the right set of features and packs a strong sensor will improve the flow of your […]

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What are the best PC game controllers? How to test and use controllers?

The Best Video Game Controllers The best PC game controllers can enhance excellent titles like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Mortal Kombat 11 — even though first-person shooter and MOBA purists might swear by the mouse and keyboard. That’s why we tested the most popular PC-friendly gamepads to help you find the perfect fit for […]

Game News Trends

The Biggest Video Game Companies in the World 2022: Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and More…

The video game industry as a whole marked yet another sales record last year, being now worth over 130 billion U.S. dollars. 2022’s Top 10 biggest video game brands are also largely the same as in the previous years. The following lists the biggest video game companies 2022 in the world by the achieved gaming […]

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The Best Gaming Desks For 2022: Secretlab MAGNUS, ApexDesk Elite, Homall Gaming Desk & More…

Top 5 – Best Gaming Desks (2022) A quality gaming desks should provide plenty of desk space, stability, and storage compartments to keep your space organized. With so many options to choose from, finding the best gaming desks that fits your space and budget can be easier said than done.  The best gaming desks […]

Gaming Laptops

The Best Gaming Laptop Under $1,000: Dell G15, Acer Nitro 5, ASUS ROG

This page is dedicated to helping you find the best gaming laptop under 1000 USD for your specific needs. Every one of the five gaming laptops we have selected has different pros and cons which we will list, as well as talking through the various specifications of graphics card, CPU, RAM, display, storage, and ergonomic […]

Pokemon go

Is Pokémon Generations a sequel?How to transfer Pokemon from gen 3 and 4?

Generation refers to the Pokémon game series. It is a group of games that were released at or around the same time. It also means that games in the same generation are compatible with the others, containing the same Pokémon and the number of moves there are to be learned. Pokémon Generations Generation I (Kanto): […]


The Ultimate Guide to Battlefield 2042: Multiplayer And Specialist, Pitloting Tips, Setting, Map

Battlefield 2042 is due to launch this year and is next in line in EA’s successful wartime franchise. Multiplayer And Specialist Guides in Battlefield 2042 Battlefield 2042 Wingsuit Specialist gliding away from a tornado.Battlefield games are known for their large sandboxes, squad play, and the untold carnage that can unfold in a given match. Learning […]

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