What is Heardle Game Music? How do you Play Online? Free Word Game

What is a Hurdle?

Hurdle is the new musical version of Wordle that everyone is playing.

It follows the same premise as the viral game but instead of guessing a five letter word, you have to guess a song.

The free online game plays you a short piece of the introduction of a song and you have to guess the title and artist in six or less tries.

Like Wordle, a new song is released every day and everyone around the world is in a race to guess the same song with the least number of attempts.

Hurdle Is Like Wordle, But For Music (heardle wordle)

The Wordle craze continues—not only in terms of the original game, but also with the spin-offs that keep spreading around it. The latest software comes from the studio Omacs, and is called Hurdle.

Simply put, it’s verbal to music: You get a few seconds of a song intro, and you have to guess what it is. For each wrong guess, more time is added to the clip. You can also give up trying to get an extra second. Like Wordley, you have to get the right answer in six or fewer times.

Some features make the game a little easier than otherwise. First, the songs you have to guess are handpicked from the most streamed songs over the past decade, so they should all be relatively well-known.

Second, as you start typing your answer, you’ll see some possible matches: If the track you’re guessing isn’t in the database, you won’t be able to select it. This saves you from wrong guessing and should give you more chances.

How to play hurdle when music-based wordlay takes over?

The only thing you have to do to play this game to visit the heardle game music wordle website:

heardle app

The app then instructs you to follow three easy steps in order to get your money. The first step is to guess today’s song by listening to its intro.

The second instruction is that incorrect or skipped guesses will unlock more of the song, and the third instruction is to guess correctly in as few tries as possible.

hurdle game music

The game lets players listen to the opening seconds of a song to guess its title in six tries

A new game following the format of Wordle is bringing rhythm to the viral internet puzzle format. is a guessing game where, instead of trying to decipher a five-letter word, players listen to the opening seconds of a pop song, and try to figure out its title and artist.

The musical game takes another cue from Wordle in that you have six guesses to try to work out the daily puzzle, but it has several unique elements. Incorrect guesses unlock more of the song to give you a better chance of solving it, for example.

You also have the option to skip guesses and listen to more of the song.

Heardle Game: The New Music Version Of Wordle Game

Like the original craze, fans have been posting their scores on the social media app as well as sharing their thoughts of the spin-off.

Heardle is not officially affiliated with Wordle in any way.

Despite the main difference of this app being music-based, another twist is that Heardle gives you a skip button.

With Wordle, you only get closer to the answer by guessing a word and seeing what letters are or aren’t in the correct answer. But when you are guessing a song, hearing a new snippet will give you more information regardless of whether you’ve made a guess.

Heardle’s about screen says that it pulls songs from “a list of the most streamed songs in the past decade,” which hopefully means you won’t be too stuck trying to identify the song.

heardle game wordle for music fans

It seems like every day now there is a new Wordle-inspired game to play.

Wordle has become part of people’s daily routine since launching earlier this year. Created by New York City-based software engineer Josh Wardle for his partner, Palak Shah, who loves word games, the game sees users having to guess a brand new five-letter word every day.

heardle song

If you’re more of a numbers over words kind of person, Nerdle is the one for you. Or, if you’ve got a bit of dirty mind, Lewdle gives you plenty of inappropriate words to guess each day.

Heardle Answer and Song of The Day

Remember to get your answer in before a new song of the day. Make sure to check back in tomorrow for the next Heardle answer.

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