HONOR Magic 5 Pro 5g- Design, features, specifications, pricing, and performance 

5g supported phones have now become everyone’s wishlist. And companies are now introducing smartphones with 5g networks, and so is the Honor. Do you know that Honor’s latest smartphone series, which is Honor Magic 5, supports a 5g network? Well, how would you know because it is not released yet? Honor is about to release its Magic 5 series, and one of those models is the Honor Magic 5 Pro. It supports 5g, so it is HONOR Magic 5 Pro 5g. Let us take a round of features, performance, and everything from A to Z of the same.

Honor Magic 5 Pro:

Honor Magic 5 Pro is the latest announcement made by Honor in the previous month. The grand release will be happening in a few days now.

Honor Magic 5 Pro is that high-end phone by Honor that was a long due, but since it is finally releasing soon, let us look at its performance, pricing, design, and features.

  • Pricing:

Since Honor Magic 5 Pro is not released yet, its actual price has not been disclosed yet. But we can imagine that a high-end phone, the Honor flagship phone 2023, will be somehow priced way higher than the previous smartphones from Honor.

  • Design

The design of the phone is artistic and subtle. The 5 colors in this phone look amazing and can draw your attention on the first sighting. A round cut-shaped triple camera setup at the back and the round corners are the highlights of its design.

  • Features and specifications:

We can say that Honor Magic 5 Pro has been designed and developed with thoughtful observations of the team. The company reveals the following features of this smartphone:

The phone supports a 5g network, and the browsing is done with amazing speed.

The device has no memory card slot because the RAM and storage are more than enough to save all your data on the phone. There are quite a few options for RAM from 8-16 GB.

The phone has an advanced camera setup, with each camera at the back serving its purpose, and the front camera gives equally HDR pictures and videos.

The big 5100mAh battery supports wired, wireless, and reverses wireless charging. It will take you less than an hour to completely charge the phone once the battery is at zero.

The latest hardware, software (Android 13), and chipset (Snapdragon 8 Gen 2) are the technological advancements that Honor has made in this smartphone.

The phone has a large and wide OLED screen display, and its brightness sets up as per the lighting situation with a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, making its touch smooth and soft.

The phone is made with eco-friendly leather (back) and glass (front and panel), and we can say this is great for maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Wrap up:

The Honor Magic 5 Pro from the Honor Magic 5 series supports a 5g network, and we can call it HONOR Magic 5 Pro 5g. Everything about this phone that we knew has been discussed in this blog. So, if you are also waiting (just like all of us) for the release of this phone, then you should check this blog out for once.