How To Play Nerdle Game Online? The Hard Daily Maths Puzzle + Mathematics Answer & Strategy

Nerdle is the new Wordle-inspired game in town that allows you to play Wordle but with numbers and equations.

The game has been applauded by many and even teachers seem to have loved the idea.

While the world was busy solving puzzles on Wordle, online gamers now have a clone of the viral word game called ‘Nerdle‘.

Based on the concept of Wordle, Nerdle is a numbers game wherein players have to arrange a series of numbers to complete the puzzle. Created by data scientist Richard Mann, he came up with this maths-based alternative while talking about the Wordle craze with his 14-year-old daughter, Daily Express reported.

Nerdle is Wordle but with numbers and it is super hard and free

As players worry that Wordle may not be free forever, maths based alternative Nerdle has been earning a lot of new fans.

When The New York Times bought Wordle for a ‘seven figure’ sum it came with the ominous promise that it would only remain free ‘initially’.

There is a trick to keeping the original version free, but there are also a host of unofficial clones and variants you can play as well, including the increasingly popular Nerdle.

Nerdle is basically Wordle but with numbers, where you’re trying to guess an equation in six tries. That seems impossible at first but it’s surprisingly doable given that you have to have an equals sign in there and everything to the right of it has to be just a number, not another calculation.

Nerdle is a new maths-based Wordle clone: How to play the hard-as-nails daily maths puzzle

FINALLY a Wordle clone that adds something new to the genre. Here’s everything you need to know about the maths-based daily quiz.

Wordle finally has a maths-based alternative for people who favour numbers over letters.

The latest game to capitalise on the Wordle craze, Nerdle challenges players to figure out an entire 8-character calculation in just six guesses. Similar to Wordle, you start with a completely blank grid. Tiles turn green if you guess a number or symbol in the correct position; purple if the number or symbol appears in the calculation but in a different position; or black if it doesn’t feature at all.
Each guess has to be mathematically accurate, so you can’t just throw out random numbers and symbols.

It’s definitely a little trickier than Wordle, especially if you completely fudge your first guess. You can try it out for yourself by visiting the Nerdle website.

The game was created by data scientist Richard Mann, who came up with the idea during a conversation with his daughter.

“The idea came about chatting about the Wordle craze with my 14 year old daughter,” Mann explains.

Wordle + Math = Nerdle

Nerdle Archive: How to Play Old Nerdle Games

Nerdle challenges you to guess daily math equations which help you hone your math skills every day. But what if you wish to solve more Nerdle puzzles? Well, a new release by the developers might just help you with that, let’s find out more.

Can you play old Nerdle games?

Yes, you can now play old Wordle games, both on your PC or mobile. Named Nerdle Replay, the new feature now allows you to play previously released Nerdle games and keep having fun.

You can use this to get a streak going or to simply hone your skills for future puzzles. Use the guide below to play old Nerdle games on your device.

How to play old Nerdle games

You can use the following format to play old Nerdle games directly in your browser whether using a desktop or mobile device.

Replace ‘yyyymmdd’ with the desired date in the respective format and visit the link in your browser.

The Nerdle game that now loads on the screen will be for the respective chosen day. And that’s how you can play old Nerdle games whether on your desktop or mobile device.

Nerdle Archive:

There doesn’t exist a good Archive (yet) for Nerdle, unlike Wordle which has plenty of those, but you can find the old games from January 21st to February 5th with the links we have provided below.

ebruary-05-2022 –
February-04-2022 –
February-03-2022 –
February-02-2022 –

How long back can I go and play Nerdle?

Sadly, you can only playback till the release date of Nerdle ie: 21st January 2022. Nerdle was not released before this and thus there are no older games to play beyond this date.

Use this foolproof Wordle strategy to win every time

At times, Wordle can seem immensely overwhelming. With just six guesses to deduce a single word from a list of approximately 2,300 potential answers, it might feel impossible to win your first game. But, as low as those odds might seem, we’ve figured out an effective list of steps that can help you solve the daily Wordle puzzle nearly every time. We offer no 100 percent guarantees given the massive number of variables in play, but the strategy we’re about to disclose can absolutely point you in the right direction when used consistently.

Before we start, it should be noted that the fundamentals of this strategy DO NOT work with Hard Mode enabled. In Hard Mode, the clues you learn throughout each successive guess must be used as you go forward. The approach we’re about to take is directly oppositional to these restrictions, so maybe check out some of our other popular Wordle strategies if you happen to be struggling on Hard Mode.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to the strategic explanation. This method has been used by our staff to solve several Wordle puzzles in the past, and we’re about to impart that top-secret knowledge to you. If you want to impress your word nerd friends by amassing a long winning streak, this is one of the best ways to do it.

Our best Wordle strategy to win the game (almost) every time

Since Wordle is a game of six guesses, we’ll break down our strategy into phases.

  • Guess 1: Start your process with a vowel-heavy word like ADIEU or QUERY.
  • Guess 2-4: Even if you get a letter right (green) or just in the wrong spot (yellow), focus on words that prioritize eliminating or confirming more letters first. Use every vowel by your third guess, and also take advantage of commonly used consonants. These include T, N, S, R, H, and L.
  • Guess 5-6: By this point, start focusing on your confirmed letters, and you should have a pretty strong direction of where to go next. Try to remember common word endings like “-ACK” or “-NT.” Think about letter patterns and see how they line up with what’s in front of you. Perhaps the most crucial part of this phase is not overthinking your selections. Wordle answers are always meant to be everyday words, so don’t waste opportunities on obscurities like DAYNT.

While simple, this strategy relies on an elimination-first mindset leveraged by skilled players and Wordle solver algorithms alike. Too often people start playing the game immediately based on the returns of the very first guess, but doing so often doesn’t help eliminate potential letters that aren’t part of the solution. Following that same mindset, others suggest that spending your first two guesses on words with 10 unique letters may be the best use of your time regardless of the colors that display. That bunch of grey squares may not look pretty or impressive on Twitter or Facebook, but each wrong letter paves the way to the correct ones.

All that being said, the color of your letters should only matter in your very late turns. The ability to eliminate letters en masse is the unique advantage Wordle’s default difficulty level provides, so you might as well utilize it.

How to Solve Wordle Puzzles + Tips & Strategies

Wordle has players find five-letter words in six guesses. Players receive hints about letter placement, but there are other strategies to consider.

Wordle is an online browser game with a simple enough premise: players have six tries to guess a five-letter word. They type in a word, and the game tells them if they have correct letters in the correct spots, correct letters in the wrong spots, or if the letters don’t appear in the word at all. These are represented by the colors green, yellow, and grey, though there is a high contrast color mode as well.

Wordle has recently taken the world by storm, as it doesn’t require any special hardware or software to play. Players just open a browser on their device of choice, and the game is free to play on the Wordle website. Wordle has one puzzle per day, meaning that there isn’t a significant time investment either.

The only thing Wordle really requires is for players to understand how words in English work. Since players only have six guesses to figure out the word, they need to approach it with some strategy. Luckily, English words tend to be constructed in specific ways, and while there are some truly bizarre words out there, there are probably some words that won’t appear in-game.

Guessing Words in Wordle

To solve their daily Wordle puzzle, players should start with vowels. The letters A, E, I, O, and U, are found in nearly every English word, with Y acting as a vowel when no other vowels appear in a word. In fact, Y more frequently acts as a vowel, unless it is at the beginning of a word. For example, Y is a consonant in “yards” but a vowel in “myths.” The most common vowel in English is E, so players should try to make a word that has an E somewhere in it. They might not get it in the correct place, but it at least helps them narrow down selections. Unlike in Wheel of Fortune, there’s no need to buy vowels, so players should use them liberally to determine which are part of the word.

Just because a letter is in the correct place does not mean that it is the only instance of that letter in the word. For example, say the word is “small,” and the player guesses “snail.” The S, A, and L are in the correct places, but players still need to uncover the other L. This can be easy to forget if players aren’t vigilant.

Sometimes, it’s okay to enter a word players know is incorrect if it gets them closer to the correct answer. This means using letters that have already been eliminated. This shouldn’t be used as a common strategy given the limited number of guesses, but it can help players find more letters used in each correct Wordle word. The game has a helpful keyboard at the bottom, which also shows which letters are in the correct place and which are not.

Is solving puzzles good for the brain?

Puzzles are also good for the brain. Studies have shown that doing jigsaw puzzles can improve cognition and visual-spatial reasoning. The act of putting the pieces of a puzzle together requires concentration and improves short-term memory and problem solving.

Are puzzles Good for dementia?

While puzzles are therapeutic, they also provide exercise in memory and are said to improve brain functions, especially short-term memory. In any stage of Dementia or Alzheimer’s, puzzles are said to ease some of the symptoms and provide stimulating comfort to the patients, as well as provide a sense of control.

How do I play Wordle?

Wordle is a grid of five squares across and six squares down. Each horizontal row of five squares represents an opportunity to guess the random, five-letter word of the day. With six rows, players have six opportunities to guess. With each guess, the game will let you know which letters you have right.

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