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Real-World Inspired Locations in GTA 5

Los Santos is the home to countless attractions, like you can pay a visit to the Del Perro Pier for a rollercoaster ride, or enjoy a nice movie with your friends at the Oriental Theater. To be precise, there is a lot to do! But, do you know that nearly all of these GTA 5 sights get their inspiration from real life locations based in Los Angeles, California, USA, along with some of its surrounding areas, as well.

One Reason Behind The Delay In GTA 6 Release

Yes, you will also find it hard to believe, but Grand Theft Auto maker Rockstar games has put so many details in the GTA world, that people are blaming this as one of the prime reasons behind the delayed release of GTA 6. You can get more thorough information in this regard on online platforms like CSGOSmurfNinja, that deal in Fortnite Accounts For Sale as well. 

Additionally, this list that you are seeing below will list all those Los Santos locations that get their inspiration from the real world. So, just explore them, as Franklin, Trevor, or Michael in story mode, or as the playable character on GTA online. 

Real-Life Inspired Locales In GTA 5

1. Galileo Observatory, inspired by Griffith Observatory

There will be a lot of us (GTA players) who frequent this location in Grand Theft Auto 5, but rarely one is able to notice that this is an observatory. Despite being non-functional for players, one can peer inside with the help of pay telescopes that encircle the structure. Galileo Observatory is an awesome place to get a view of Los Santos city. 

As the heading of the paragraph informed, this structure gets inspiration from Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California landmark. Nonetheless, it would be awesome if Rockstar opens its doors to the public with Grand Theft Auto 6. Additionally, if you are a Microsoft Xbox owner, then modded GTA accounts Xbox one from CSGO Smurf Ninja can make the day for you. 

2. Vinewood Sign, A GTA Homage To The Hollywood Sign

Like the Galileo Observatory above, this may not come as a surprise for GTA players, especially those of us who have driven around the Vinewood Hills, or locations nearby it. The Vinewood sign, as is the general guess, gets its inspiration from The Hollywood sign in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. 

It acts as an emblem for Vinewood district, an inseparable part of the GTA city of Los Santos. Furthermore, in the real world, Hollywood is a tourist attraction and stands amongst one of the most famous locations in the US. The only thing missing from GTA 5 is the capability to tread towards the sign! The GTA 5 modded accounts that you buy from various online platforms like CSGOSmurfNinja can enable you to enjoy this location to the fullest. 

3. Del Perro Pier, a homage to the Santa Monica Pier

For those of us (GTA players) who have frequently travelled around the US, Del Perro Pier’s Grand Theft Auto 5 existence is not surprising. Despite being a non-real place in GTA 5, this location gets its inspiration from Santa Monica Pier.

Nonetheless, like other locations above on this list, Del Perro Pier too is based in California in GTA 5. In other words, a major share of the locations that are inspired from the real world are from California, US. GTA players with a Xbox one device can see this and all other locations on this list with the help of modded GTA accounts Xbox one. They are easily available at industry competitive prices on the online platform: CSGO Smurf Ninja

4. The Oriental Theater, inspired by Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Grauman’s Chinese Theater, aka, Telephone Communication Limited (TCL Chinese Theater) is counted amongst one of the most iconic Los Angeles locations. Not to mention, it has played host to some of the biggest Hollywood releases of all time. And, alongside that it is also the home to hand and footprints of some of Hollywood’s biggest names. 

Adding to that, Grand Theft Auto 5’s Oriental Theater resembles this very theatre. All thanks to its characteristic roof structure and columns. Notably, the Vinewood Star Tours is of the view that Oriental opened its doors back in 1928, which is just one year post Grauman’s inaugural opening. 

5. Vespucci Beach, a GTA 5 homage to Venice Beach

When it comes to making GTA 5 awesome, Rockstar Games has used actual geological sites to take the gamer experience to its next level. Vespucci Beach, located on the west coast of Los Santos, and overlooking the Pacific is a place that both the general public, and the nonconformists frequent. Talking about the similarities with real world locations, it is somewhat based on Venice Beach. 

Final Words

As is the trend, here we will part our ways for today, with a brief summary, of all that we have learned today. To begin with, there is no shortage of such locations in GTA 5 that mirror real world locations. And, notably a major of such locations are based in California, USA. Also, GTA community blames these plentiful locations with impressive details, as one of the contributing reasons behind the delay in GTA 6 release. And after that, the list of these locations, accompanied by an in-detail description of them.