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The Biggest Game Releases Of June 2023

The past few months have been filled with highly anticipated game releases and contenders for game of the year. And if you were hoping for a break in June from all the excitement and game releases, you thought wrong. The first half of 2023 is going out with a bang as long-awaited sequels, new chapters in beloved franchises, and HD remakes of classics hit the gaming scene.

Kicking off June is the launch of Street Fighter 6, a highly anticipated evolution of the renowned fighting game franchise. With its stunning visuals, a roster of new characters to master, and innovative controls, Street Fighter 6 is redefining the fighting game experience, especially in its multiplayer brawls.

Shortly after, it’s time to venture into the realm adjacent to hell with Diablo IV. This classic action-RPG from Blizzard invites players to explore a dark and tragic world as various playable classes. The adventure doesn’t end there, as Blizzard has plans to support Diablo IV with seasonal content to keep players engaged long after its initial game releases.

As June draws to a close, the highly awaited Final Fantasy XVI takes the stage. After a seven-year wait for a new numbered entry in the series, Final Fantasy 16 takes a bold departure from its predecessors. But it delves deep into action-packed gameplay, combining magical spellcasting with intense melee combat. Moreover, Final Fantasy 16 aims to deliver a mature narrative centered around war, sacrifice, and freedom in a world shaped by powerful crystals.

Aside from these major game releases, you can also look forward to new motorsports games, unique indie titles, and thrilling tactical action against alien organisms who seem to have no regard for personal space.

Killer Frequency – June 1

In the late hours at KFAM radio station, a peculiar occurrence unfolds on the airwaves. Taking on the role of disc jockey Forrest Nash, you must employ your puzzle-solving skills and spin beloved tunes to protect your listeners from the clutches of a notorious local serial killer. But through unraveling riddles, encountering a colorful cast of small-town characters, and immersing yourself in a playlist of ’80s classics, you’ll strive to outsmart a bloodthirsty murderer.

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection – June 1

The Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection breathes new life into one of the finest JRPGs from a bygone era. This comprehensive collection features Etrian Odyssey HD with its intricate forest labyrinth, Etrian Odyssey II HD with its majestic sky castles, and the captivating sunken cities waiting to be discovered in Etrian Odyssey III HD.

But alongside these beloved titles, the collection introduces numerous enhancements. Players can relish in remastered graphics, a newly revamped soundtrack, and a host of quality-of-life improvements that bring a modern touch to the gameplay across all three games.

Street Fighter 6 – June 2

Capcom is not only developing the next installment in the Street Fighter series to be a dynamic evolution of the fighting game franchise but also its most accessible entry to date. The game introduces a revamped control scheme that simplifies executing iconic moves like Hadoukens, making them more user-friendly. Additionally, Street Fighter 6 offers new modes that allow players to create their own legendary fighter and boasts a roster filled with unforgettable characters. With these enhancements, Street Fighter 6 is poised to be a significant advancement for the series, delivering an uncompromising and exhilarating experience.

Super Mega Baseball 4 – June 2

If you desire a baseball experience that leans towards an arcade-style gameplay of hitting homeruns and stealing bases, Super Mega Baseball 4 is the game for you. While MLB: The Show excels as a realistic baseball simulator, Super Mega Baseball 4 offers a fresh and stylized take on the sport. The latest installment in the series introduces over 200 unique versions of professional players to enhance your team, along with new features and the return of beloved game modes. The graphics have been updated, and the game incorporates fan-requested features such as an expanded trait system and the inclusion of several new stadiums. Super Mega Baseball 4 brings an enjoyable and lively alternative to the traditional baseball gaming experience.

We Love Katamari Reroll + Royal Reverie – June 2

The Katamari games offer unparalleled chaos simulation, allowing players to roll up the entire world into a massive ball of memories. But in this collection, the second installment of the Katamari series receives a makeover with upgraded graphics and gameplay enhancements. Meanwhile, Royal Reverie takes players on a nostalgic journey as they delve into the childhood of the King of All Cosmos. The key to success in these games is to never stop rolling, embracing the whimsical and unpredictable nature of the experience.

Amnesia: The Bunker – June 6

Beneath the war-torn battlefields of World War I lies a desolate bunker, creating an eerie atmosphere. However, the terror intensifies with the presence of homicidal nightmares lurking in the shadows, making it a survival-horror experience that guarantees sleepless nights. Take on the role of French soldier Henri Clément, armed with a noisy dynamo flashlight to ward off the menacing creatures. Resources are scarce, forcing you to scavenge for supplies, while an ever-present threat reacts to your every move and sound. Your choices carry weight, and you must face the consequences as you venture further into the terrifying depths.

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Diablo IV – June 6

Following years of development, Blizzard is preparing to release the terror of the Burning Hells and High Heavens upon players once more. Diablo IV signals a return to the dark and raw essence of the original games, immersing players in a version of Sanctuary that remains besieged by demonic and angelic forces. But as the world continues to be under threat, new heroes must emerge to confront ancient adversaries. Similar to its predecessors, the game promises a wealth of enemies to vanquish, treasures to acquire, and narratives to unveil, making it the next thrilling installment in the Diablo series.

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MotoGP 23 – June 8

Developer Milestone has solidified its position as a leading force in the racing game genre, and its MotoGP series continues to shine as an exceptional simulation of the thrilling world of motorcycle racing. But MotoGP 23, the latest addition to this annual franchise, builds upon its predecessors with stunning visuals, true-to-life handling mechanics, and innovative AI-enhanced gameplay features that enhance accessibility for players of all skill levels. With its impressive package, MotoGP 23 proves once again that Milestone is at the forefront of delivering top-notch experiences in this exhilarating two-wheeled sport.

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Layers of Fear – June 15

If you’re a horror enthusiast who didn’t have the chance to experience the first two installments of Layers of Fear, here’s some exciting news for you. The games have been recreated on the Unreal 5 engine, allowing you to revisit and catch up on the eerie journey they offer. The Layers of Fear Collection includes both Layers of Fear and Layers of Fear 2, along with all their respective downloadable content (DLC).

This remastered collection brings a fresh visual perspective to these cult-classic games, featuring enhancements such as ray tracing support, HDR visuals, and the option to play in up to 4K resolution. Whether you’re immersing yourself in the artistic world of The Painter or anxiously awaiting the climactic moments of The Actor, be prepared for a spine-chilling experience as you confront your deepest fears one last time.

Crash Team Rumble – June 20

Crash Bandicoot returns, but this time he’s not alone in his adventures. Instead of his traditional platforming quests, Crash is joining forces with his allies and foes in an exciting multiplayer experience. Crash Team Rumble introduces a fresh twist to the series, as teams of four go head-to-head in arenas, competing to collect the most Wumpa fruit while preventing their opponents from doing the same. It may seem unusual to have a multiplayer game set in the Crash Bandicoot universe, but we’ve found that it offers tremendous potential with its competitive gameplay and dynamic match flow. Get ready for thrilling Crash-themed multiplayer battles unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Aliens: Dark Descent – June 20

Aliens: Dark Descent takes a fresh approach to the thrilling and action-packed Alien franchise. Rather than relying on brute force with your Colonial Marines, the game introduces a strategic twist. In this game, your success hinges on crafting a well-thought-out plan and executing it effectively to avoid encountering the deadly xenomorphs.

Blending elements of tactical RPGs with strategic thinking, you’ll take charge in real-time, leading your soldiers to contain and combat a horrifying new outbreak of xenomorphs. Prepare to navigate the shadows and employ your wits to survive this intense and suspenseful experience.

Final Fantasy 16 – June 22

Square Enix has dedicated its efforts to create a fresh and captivating installment in the renowned Final Fantasy series, which has been nearly a decade in the making. This time around, the focus is on delivering an exhilarating narrative filled with action, centering around the chaos caused by powerful Eikons and the conflict among kingdoms.

With a more mature approach, the next chapter in the Final Fantasy series promises an engaging adventure with a wealth of swordplay and magic to immerse yourself in. If you happen to own a PlayStation 5 console, you’re in for a treat, as this game stands out as one of the most visually stunning titles available on the platform.

Sonic Origins Plus – June 23

The Sonic Plus Collection, acclaimed for its exceptional remastering of classic Sonic games last year, has returned with an expanded bundle that offers an all-encompassing experience. Included in this year’s collection is the Sonic Origins base game along with the Plus Expansion Pack, featuring an assortment of 12 Sonic Game Gear titles and the opportunity to play as Knuckles in Sonic CD.

Adding to the excitement, Amy Rose is now a playable character for the very first time in Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD. Moreover, the collection incorporates previously released add-on content such as Extreme Missions, Mirror Mode, enhanced character animations, additional backgrounds, and new music. As a result, this comprehensive compilation stands as the definitive collection of Sonic’s most beloved adventures.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective – June 30

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, regarded as one of the standout games during the Nintendo DS era, is making a triumphant return on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC platforms this month. If you didn’t have the chance to experience it upon its initial game release in 2011, you missed out on a captivating blend of ingenious puzzles and compelling narrative that skillfully leveraged the capabilities of the Nintendo DS hardware.

Helmed by Shu Takumi, the director of Ace Attorney, this reimagined edition features enhanced visuals, an upgraded soundtrack, and a wealth of additional archival material to explore and enjoy.

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What is Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 is the latest installment in the iconic fighting game franchise developed by Capcom. It offers an impactful evolution of the series, with updated controls, new characters, and an expanded multiplayer system.

What is Diablo IV?

Diablo IV is the highly anticipated next chapter in the renowned action role-playing game series developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Set in a dark and tragic world under siege by demonic and angelic forces, players will embark on a thrilling adventure as they face ancient enemies and uncover the secrets of Sanctuary.