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Square Enix has changed its mind about Final Fantasy 16 day one patch

Square Enix has apparently gone back on their word and now plan to release a Final Fantasy 16 day one patch. During a pre-release live stream on Saturday, the game’s development team announced that the upcoming update would address various issues, including progression and crash problems, while also making performance enhancements in different aspects of the game.

In the stream, producer Naoki Yoshida stated that the improvements in framerate primarily pertain to scenes featuring a large number of characters appearing on screen simultaneously, particularly in city segments.

Furthermore, Yoshida mentioned that the development team has taken into account player feedback regarding motion blur and intends to incorporate an option to disable it in a future update. Additionally, they plan to provide players with the ability to adjust camera movement. All of which will be available in Final Fantasy 16 day one patch.

Square Enix has scheduled the release of Final Fantasy 16 on PlayStation 5 for June 22. A playable demo for the game became available on the PlayStation Store earlier this week.

However, prior to the official release date, physical copies of Final Fantasy 16 apparently found their way into the possession of the public this week. Several users on social media have started sharing images and information about the game.

As a response, Square Enix has issued a spoiler warning across its social media platforms and has requested that individuals who manage to acquire the game early refrain from sharing any media or story-related details.

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