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Diablo IV becomes the fastest-selling video game of all time

Blizzard’s newest RPG hit has become the fastest-selling video game of all time, confirmed by the company itself. However, there are some caveats to that milestone.

Although Blizzard did not disclose the exact Diablo IV sales figures, it is worth mentioning that Diablo 4 has amassed a total of 93 million hours played since its early access release on June 1.

Rod Fergusson updates fans on Diablo IV sales

“This is a moment years in the making for the Diablo 4 team,” said Rod Fergusson, Diablo general manager, in a statement. “We’re extremely proud to offer players the richest story ever told in a Diablo game.”

He continued: “Since the game was first announced in 2019, the support from millions of players around the world drove us toward this release of our dark vision of Sanctuary. Hail Lilith, Blessed Mother.”

It is important to highlight that Diablo 4 was available for four days prior to its official release date of June 6. Therefore, it can be assumed that Blizzard is including Diablo IV sales from early access members. This is along with day-one purchases.

The previous record for this achievement within Blizzard was held by the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion, which sold 3.7 million units on its initial full day of release on PC. However, Diablo 4’s release encompassed multiple platforms, setting it apart from the previous record holder.

The company has also confirmed for two Diablo IV expansions to be in active development.

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