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Diablo 4 Streamer Enraged After 172-Hour Hardcore Character Dies During Loading Screen

A Diablo 4 streamer became furious when his level 91 Hardcore character, which he had invested 172 hours into, died during a loading screen. Quin69, a streamer from New Zealand, shared a video on YouTube capturing the moment he encountered the unfortunate Hall of Fallen Heroes message after Diablo 4 seemingly crashed while teleporting his character to the town of Kyovashad after finishing a dungeon. Quin69 had no choice but to click the “acknowledge” button, as it was the only available option.

“I finished the f**king keystone and portaled to town,” Quin69 said as realisation set in. “In the loading screen of me porting to town my character has died.”

Quin69’s character, positioned safely within a protective bubble during the portal to town, unexpectedly perished from an unremarkable assault by a floating device. Naturally, such an occurrence should not take place. As observed by Octavian ‘Kripparrian’ Morosan, another Diablo 4 streamer in the video, it is speculated that the loading process of the port to town made Quin69’s character susceptible to the attack while trapped in a state of uncertainty.

The death of Quin69’s character in Diablo 4 was officially logged as “Slain by ‘Environment’.” Regardless of the cause, Quin69 has now suffered the loss of a character he invested more than a week’s worth of playtime into. It is a harsh and unfortunate conclusion, but Quin69 is not alone in experiencing the loss of a Hardcore character in Diablo 4 without any personal error.

Despite being extremely popular, Diablo 4 has had its fair share of problems

IGN reported on the achievement of Souaïb ‘carn’ Hanaf, who became the first Diablo 4 player to reach Level 100 in Hardcore mode. However, his accomplishment was marred by an unfortunate incident of disconnection. While livestreaming the game, carn experienced a sudden disconnect, and upon reconnecting, he discovered that his max level Hardcore Barbarian character had vanished. This left him with no choice but to create a new character and start from scratch.

In Diablo 4’s Hardcore mode, the concept of permadeath applies, meaning that once a character dies, it is permanently lost. Instances like carn’s character loss serve as a stark reminder of the risks associated with always-online video games, and are likely to fuel criticism regarding Blizzard’s decision to make Diablo 4 unplayable offline.

Friends of Quin69, horrified by what they had seen happen to the streamer, can be heard saying they won’t bother with Hardcore mode. “You’re eventually going to die from a DC or a crash or whatever the f**k this is,” one said. “That’s terrible,” said another.

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