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Diablo IV Beta Is Coming This Month – Here’s Everything You Need to Know (Diablo IV Beta Starts May)

Blizzard’s highly anticipated hack and slash sequel Diablo IV is on its way and later this month we’ll get our first taste of the game in the form of a beta test. The Diablo IV Beta: Server Test Slam that starts May 12th will give players a chance to experience a slice of the PvE endgame content and provide valuable feedback to Blizzard ahead of the game’s eventual release.

Diablo IV Beta Details

Blizzard has announced that the Diablo IV beta test will run from May 12th through May 16th. The test will focus on endgame dungeons and rifts, and players participating will be able to create and level up to three characters to max level 50. The beta will have randomized endgame dungeons and greater rifts to conquer.

Beta Rewards

Blizzard is offering rewards to players who participate in the beta test, including cosmetic rewards, a banner, a pet, and an exclusive portrait frame that will carry over to the full game upon release. Participants will also receive a Legendary shield at launch as a ” beta tester” reward.

How to Access the Beta

Players who want to participate in the Diablo IV beta must opt-in for a chance to be selected. Opting in does not guarantee access – Blizzard will invite a subset of opted-in players. To opt-in, players navigate to the Setting menu in the Blizzard desktop app and click “Opt-in for Beta Tests”.

Complete Description

The Diablo IV beta test will give fans their first real taste of how the upcoming sequel plays. While the beta will focus mainly on endgame content, players will get a feel for the darker and more grim setting, the more impactful character abilities, and the new open world zones that promise a more exploratory Diablo experience. The beta test will also help identify bugs and balance issues that Blizzard can address ahead of the game’s full launch.

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The upcoming Diablo IV beta is an exciting opportunity for fans eagerly awaiting the next installment in the iconic franchise. Though likely only a very early build of the game, the beta will give players a chance to experience the changes and improvements Blizzard is making to push the Diablo series forward while retaining what makes it so beloved. Participating will also reward players with exclusive in-game items to carry over to the full release.


When does the Diablo IV beta start?

The Diablo IV beta test, called the Server Test Slam, will start on May 12th and run through May 16th.

What content will be in the beta test?

The beta test will focus primarily on endgame content like greater rifts and randomized dungeons. Players will be able to level characters up to max level 50.

What rewards will beta testers get?

Beta testers will receive an exclusive banner, pet, and portrait frame that carries over to the full game. They will also get a Legendary shield at launch.

How do I get access to the Diablo IV beta?

You must opt-in for a chance to be selected for the beta test. Opting in on the Blizzard app does not guarantee access. Blizzard will invite a subset of opted-in players.

How many characters can I create in the beta?

You can create up to three characters in the Diablo IV beta test. All characters will be able to reach the max level of 50 during the beta period.

Will my beta progress carry over to the full game?

No, all characters and progress from the beta will be wiped before the official launch of Diablo IV. The only things that will carry over are the exclusive cosmetic rewards for beta testers.

How long do beta tests typically last?

Each Blizzard beta test varies in length. The Diablo IV beta test will run for only a few days, likely to stress test their servers in a limited timeframe.

When will Diablo IV be fully released?

Blizzard has not officially announced a release date yet for Diablo IV. Most estimates put the launch sometime in 2023 at the earliest.

What classes will be available at launch?

The five core classes available at Diablo IV’s launch will be Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid, Rogue and Necromancer.

What systems will the beta test?

The main goals of the beta test are to stress test their server infrastructure, identify bugs and balance issues, and get early feedback from players on endgame content and max level gameplay.

Diablo IV Review: An Exciting Return to Form for the Iconic Franchise

Diablo IV aims to bring the franchise back to its dark Gothic roots to please longtime fans while also introducing new features to appeal to a modern audience. After the more colorful and arcade-like Diablo III, Diablo IV promises a grimmer, grittier world with a heavier emphasis on story. The game will also feature an open-world endgame focused on exploration and adventure.

Setting and Story – The story takes place decades after Diablo III and focuses on Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto, who is seeking to destroy Sanctuary. The world is in ruins and overrun with demons, giving the game a darker, more ominous atmosphere inspired by earlier Diablo titles. The return to this bleaker tone focuses the story on the classic struggle of mankind against the forces of evil.

Gameplay – The core hack and slash fundamentals remain, but abilities have been redesigned to feel more impactful. An innovative mastery system also allows for deep character customization. The open-world endgame brings a nonlinear, less instanced structure for a more immersive Diablo experience. The wide variety of zones also allows for more variety and replayability.

Classes – Five familiar classes return at launch: Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid, Rogue and Necromancer. Each features upgraded skills and new abilities befitting their themes. With the ability to dual class and the mastery system, character builds should offer tremendous variety.

In summary, Diablo IV shows great promise in recapturing what makes the series beloved while updating it for a new generation. The return to a darker, more serious tone focused on story will likely excite longtime fans, while the innovative endgame and enhanced abilities promise to keep gameplay fresh. If Blizzard can stick the landing on the core gameplay loop and combat, Diablo IV could be a worthy successor to Diablo II in bringing the franchise back to its former glory. With the beta scheduled for this month, we won’t have to wait much longer to experience Diablo IV for ourselves and judge if it indeed delivers on its promise.