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Microsoft won’t make Xbox One games anymore

Matt Booty, the chief of Xbox game studios, confirmed that Microsoft has concluded the development of first-party games for the older Xbox One consoles. Booty explained that the company has “moved on” from the prior-generation machine and is now prioritizing the Xbox Series X/S. This announcement signifies a clear indication that the older consoles are being phased out after a transition period that lasted longer than usual.

The Xbox One was released nearly a decade ago in November 2013 and faced some challenges during its initial launch. It was criticized for its size, limited game library, high price, mandatory online requirements, Kinect motion controls, and an emphasis on TV integration, which became dominant topics of discussion surrounding the new console at the time. Despite these initial hurdles, the Xbox One managed to gain popularity over time, thanks to Xbox’s Game Pass subscription service and the introduction of the more powerful Xbox One X.

However, it never quite reached the level of competition achieved by Sony’s PlayStation 4, which outsold the Xbox One by a significant margin. Now, nearly ten years after its debut, Microsoft is retiring the console and shifting its focus entirely towards its current-generation machines.

In an interview with Axios, Booty was asked about the absence of Xbox One games during its latest showcase.

And the Xbox Studio chief explained, bluntly, “We’ve moved on to gen 9.” Booty also explained that no internal teams at Xbox Game Studios are currently working on new games for Xbox One.

Booty confirms Microsoft is moving on from Xbox One

So don’t expect some long-in-development game that will come out for Xbox One next year, or anything like that. The Xbox exec did clarify that some internal teams are still working on updates and content for existing games on Xbox One to continue to support certain titles, like Minecraft. But don’t expect the next Halo or Gears to launch on Xbox One.

During an interview with Axios, Booty was questioned about the absence of Xbox One games in the latest showcase. He straightforwardly stated, “We’ve moved on to gen 9.” Booty further clarified that no internal teams at Xbox Game Studios are currently developing new games specifically for Xbox One. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any expectations of a long-awaited game releasing for Xbox One in the coming years.

However, Booty did mention that certain internal teams are still focused on providing updates and content for existing games on Xbox One, particularly to support titles like Minecraft. Nevertheless, it should be understood that major releases such as the next Halo or Gears of War will not be launched on Xbox One.

Booty clarified that Microsoft is not entirely forsaking the old console and its user base. He explained that Xbox Series X/S games can still be played on the Xbox One through streaming technology. Booty informed Axios that this is the approach they will take to ensure ongoing support for Xbox One owners.

It’s not surprising that Microsoft, as a platform holder, would eventually shift its focus to the new console and leave the older one behind. However, compared to previous transitional periods, this shift between console generations has been noticeably longer.

Several factors have contributed to this extended transition. One factor is the significant number of people who still own and use these older consoles in 2023.

PS4 and Xbox One’s eras have come to an end

Additionally, the difficulty in finding and purchasing the new consoles since the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2020 has played a role. The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on game development, causing delays and longer development times, have also contributed to the prolonged transitional period.

However, this transitional period is now coming to an end. Sony and Insomniac’s upcoming Spider-Man sequel is skipping the PS4, and the DLC for Horizon: Forbidden West, a game available on both PS5 and PS4, was exclusively released on PS5 earlier this year. Microsoft has also confirmed that they have ceased the production of Xbox One games. Furthermore, some third-party releases, such as the Dead Space remake and Final Fantasy XVI, are also skipping the older consoles.

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Is Microsoft still developing new games for Xbox One?

No, Microsoft has moved on to the next generation of consoles. It is no longer developing first-party games for Xbox One.

Will existing Xbox One games continue to receive updates and support?

Yes, some internal teams are still working on updates and content for existing games on Xbox One to continue supporting certain titles. Examples include Minecraft, which will continue to receive updates on Xbox One.

Will popular third-party games be released on Xbox One?

Some third-party releases, like the Dead Space remake and Final Fantasy XVI, are skipping the Xbox One and focusing on the newer consoles. This aligns with the industry trend of shifting toward the next generation of hardware.