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Xbox Game Studios head says they have ‘turned the corner’ on first-party releases

During an Xbox panel called “What’s Next for Gaming?”, Matt Booty, the head of Xbox Game Studios, addressed an audience of media and content creators and expressed his belief that Xbox has made significant progress in its first-party releases.

He stated that the company has “turned the corner” and is steadily moving closer to its goal of delivering four first-party releases per year. The discussion focused on the company’s first-party slate, which had faced criticism over the past year for the perceived lack of major releases and weaker showings from prominent titles like Redfall.

Booty admits to Xbox Game Studios’ last year ‘gaps’

Booty replied by acknowledging that Xbox “had some gaps last year,” but added, “I think we’ve turned the corner.”

He specifically highlighted Hi-Fi Rush, Minecraft Legends, Age of Empires, as well as the upcoming releases of Forza Motorsport and Starfield later this year as notable achievements. Additionally, he emphasized that in the past five years, Xbox has successfully launched ten games that have accumulated over 10 million players each to date.

Looking ahead, Booty revealed that in 2024, Xbox’s first-party lineup will truly ramp up and reach its peak performance.

“All of that is really part of our goal to get to at least four games a year,”

Matt Booty

He mentioned Towerborne, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, Avowed, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and “some other things we haven’t really talked about so far” planned for next year. Booty also called out Obsidian’s Avowed, inXile’s Clockwork Revolution, and Compulsion’s South by Midnight as the first games each studio has shown that “are beginning, middle, and end under the Xbox banner.”

“All of that is really part of our goal to get to at least four games a year,” Booty concluded.

During Xbox’s showcase today, they unveiled several exciting new announcements. In addition to the titles mentioned by Booty, they provided a first look at the highly anticipated Fable game and offered an in-depth exploration of the gameplay and features of Starfield.

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