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Starfield Direct: Everything you need to know about the upcoming sci-fi RPG

Starfield, the highly anticipated sci-fi RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, finally got a proper showcase during the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 and Starfield Direct events on June 11. The game, which is set to launch on September 6, 2023, promises to be a grand adventure among the stars, with a rich and immersive world, deep character customization, and thrilling space exploration. Here’s everything we learned about Starfield from the events.

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A sweeping new trailer sets the tone for the game

The first thing we saw during the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 was a new trailer for Starfield, which gave us a glimpse of the game’s setting, story, and gameplay. The trailer opened with a voice-over from an astronaut named Novak, who explained that he was part of a group called Constellation, “the last group of space explorers”. He said that they were looking for answers to humanity’s origins and destiny among the stars, and that they had found something that could change everything.

The trailer then showed us various scenes of Starfield’s world, which is set in the 22nd century and features multiple factions, planets, and cultures. We saw Novak’s ship, the Frontier, as well as other spacecrafts and vehicles that players will be able to use in the game. We also saw some of the environments that players will be able to explore, such as a desert planet with alien ruins, a frozen planet with a crashed spaceship, and a city planet with neon lights and skyscrapers.

The trailer also gave us a taste of how the game will play, as we saw Novak interacting with various characters, objects, and systems in the game. We saw him using a holographic map to navigate his ship, scanning an alien artifact with a device, hacking a terminal with a mini-game, and fighting against enemies with guns and grenades. We also saw him making choices that could affect his reputation and relationships with different factions and companions.

The trailer ended with Novak saying that he was ready to “make history”, as he activated a mysterious device that opened a portal to another dimension. The trailer then revealed the game’s release date: September 6, 2023.

A 45-minute Starfield Direct revealed more details about the game

After the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 ended, Bethesda Game Studios hosted a special Starfield Direct event, where they shared more information about the game and answered some questions from fans. The event was hosted by Todd Howard, the director of Starfield and other Bethesda games such as Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. He was joined by other members of the development team, who explained various aspects of the game in more depth.

Here are some of the highlights from the Starfield Direct:

  • Starfield is Bethesda’s first new IP in 25 years, and it is their most ambitious project yet. Howard said that Starfield is “the ultimate sci-fi fantasy” and that it is “a game we’ve dreamt of playing”.
  • Starfield is powered by a new engine called Creation Engine 2, which allows for more realistic graphics, physics, lighting, and sound. Howard said that the engine is “a huge leap forward” for Bethesda and that it enables them to create “a massive living world”.

  • Starfield is set in a universe called The Settled Systems, which is composed of multiple star systems that have been colonized by humans. Each star system has its own history, culture, politics, and conflicts. Howard said that Starfield is “a very hard science fiction game” and that they consulted with real scientists and experts to make it as authentic as possible.

  • Starfield features multiple factions that players can join or oppose in their quest for answers. Some of the factions include Constellation, which is an organization of space explorers; The United Colonies, which is a federation of democratic planets; The Freestar Collective, which is a coalition of independent worlds; The Crimson Fleet, which is a group of space pirates; and The House of Kruxusarionis (or Krux), which is an ancient alien civilization.

  • Starfield also features multiple companions that players can recruit or romance in their journey. Some of the companions include Solaire (voiced by Idris Elba), who is a former soldier turned mercenary; Liara (voiced by Jennifer Hale), who is an archaeologist and expert on alien cultures; Rex (voiced by Troy Baker), who is a hacker and engineer; Zara (voiced by Laura Bailey), who is a smuggler and pilot; and Kira (voiced by Ashly Burch), who is an AI assistant.

  • Starfield allows players to create their own character and customize their appearance, skills, perks, and equipment. Players can also choose their background, which will affect their starting location, faction affiliation, and dialogue options. Howard said that Starfield is “a game where you can be who you want to be”.

  • Starfield lets players explore a vast and varied galaxy, with hundreds of planets, moons, asteroids, and space stations to visit. Players can travel between locations using their own ship, which they can also customize and upgrade. Howard said that Starfield is “a game where you can go anywhere you want to go”.

  • Starfield offers players a lot of freedom and agency in how they play the game. Players can follow the main story, which revolves around the mystery of the portal device and the origin of life in the galaxy, or they can ignore it and do their own thing. Players can also choose how they approach each situation, whether it’s through stealth, combat, diplomacy, or hacking. Howard said that Starfield is “a game where you can do anything you want to do”.

A custom controller and headset, a collector’s edition, and a watch are available for pre-order

Along with the new trailer and the Starfield Direct event, Bethesda also announced some Starfield-themed accessories and merchandise that fans can pre-order now. These include:

  • A custom Xbox Series X|S controller and wireless headset, which feature a sleek black design with Constellation logos and accents. The controller costs $69.99 and the headset costs $99.99.

  • A collector’s edition of the game, which includes a steelbook case, a map of The Settled Systems, a constellation patch, a digital soundtrack, and a 12-inch replica of the Frontier ship with LED lights. The collector’s edition costs $199.99.

  • A special watch from Seiko, which is inspired by the in-game watch that Novak wears. The watch has a stainless steel case, a leather strap, a solar-powered movement, and a Constellation logo on the dial. The watch costs $399.99.

All of these items are available for pre-order on Bethesda’s official website or on other retailers such as Amazon or GameStop.


Starfield is shaping up to be one of the most exciting games of 2023, and Bethesda has given us plenty of reasons to be hyped for it. With its stunning graphics, immersive world, deep customization, and expansive exploration, Starfield promises to be a sci-fi RPG like no other. If you’re interested in Starfield, you can pre-order it now for Xbox Series X|S or PC (the game will also be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one). And if you want to learn more about Starfield, you can check out Bethesda’s official website or follow them on social media for more updates.

When will Starfield be released and on what platforms?

Starfield will be released on September 6, 2023, and it will be available on Xbox Series X|S and PC. It will also be included in Xbox Game Pass on day one.