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10 Hardest Shrines in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a massive game that could take upwards of 100+ hours to complete. As players progress through the early stages of the game, there are certain shrines that receive considerably more focus than others. There are 152 shrines in the game and these shrines, likely considered “early game” shrines due to their proximity to Lookout Landing and Hyrule Castle, proved to be either bothersome, perplexing or simply unsuitable for inexperienced players. Presented below are the most frequently searched-for shrines that have left people puzzled, along with strategies on how to overcome them.

Orochium Shrine

One of the hardest Tears of the Kingdom shrines is the Orochium Shrine, which defies the typical teaching approach found in most Shrines. While you may have been avoiding lasers throughout your journey, this shrine compels you to do the opposite—run directly into them to descend through the floor into a hidden chamber (aptly named “Courage to Fall”).

To complicate matters, the conclusion of the shrine appears to be a simple glide down to the exit. However, one crucial detail often overlooked by many is the requirement to bring along a sphere, a fact that has been overlooked by numerous individuals.

Mayachin Shrine

Mayachin Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom holds the reputation of being the most disliked shrine in TOTK. Situated in Central Hyrule, it is often encountered while journeying towards the nearby Hyrule Field Skyview Tower.

Upon entering, you will encounter a rolling ball, an unmarked switch, and an unfamiliar Zonai device—a stake that can be positioned anywhere. The challenge lies in realizing the necessity of creating a makeshift baseball bat, mastering the timing required, and unraveling the intricate bonus puzzle to claim a chest.

Tadarok Shrine

Tadarok Shrine presents you with an unexpected role as a materials scientist. Your task not only involves rescuing cubes from imminent destruction but also requires you to ingeniously stack them to reach the shrine’s exit. Additionally, many players find themselves puzzled by Ascension puzzles, and Tadarok Shrine’s proximity to the starting area, particularly within the Great Plateau of the previous game, adds to the challenge. Furthermore, the shrine is nestled within a cave, which can be somewhat perplexing to navigate.

Tenmaten Shrine

Tenmaten Shrine stands out among the underground shrines found within caves due to its unique location inside a well. Whether you relied on our interactive map for guidance or followed the incessant beeping of your Shrine Sensor, the entrance being a well provides an unexpected twist.

However, it’s worth noting that there are two wells, and one of them leads to a frustrating situation where you can only peer through a grate at the shrine on the other side, causing annoyance for many adventurers.

Makasura Shrine

As you explore towards West Necluda in the eastern direction, it is probable that you will encounter Makasura shrine located in Kakariko Village. Upon entering the shrine, you will discover a Zonai device that seeks to maintain an upright position when activated.

By attaching the device to a platform, its inclination to stay upright functions as a catapult. However, the mechanics of this Shrine, particularly in obtaining the chest containing the Fairy Tonic, are not immediately evident, causing some individuals to become stuck at this point.

Jiukoum Shrine

Many people find Jukoum Shrine to be quite challenging. In this Shrine, you are tasked with constructing a device that moves along a set of rails using the power of fans. The last set of rails presents a gap, reminiscent of a challenging level in Tony Hawk’s games, and to successfully clear it, you must build a precisely shaped device in the form of an “M.”

Kyokugon Shrine

If you head south from Lookout Landing towards The Great Plateau, you may sense the presence of a nearby shrine or receive strong signals from your shrine detector. Naturally, you might start searching for a cave near the Forest of Spirits.

However, this would prove to be fruitless since Kyokugan Shrine is actually located at the base of The Great Plateau, not at the top, and it is concealed by boulders. Once inside the shrine, you will encounter a puzzling challenge involving four spheres and numerous holes to place them in. A helpful hint: remember to look upwards for a solution.

Mayaumekis Shrine

One of the toughest Tears of the Kingdom shrines is Mayaumekis Shrine, located in the Hebra Sky. It involves a significant amount of bouncing and floating. These mechanics are emphasized in subsequent events following the shrine’s discovery, which can make it quite perplexing to realize the extent of what can be achieved through bouncing and floating. Additionally, there is a switch that needs to be activated through some bars, and this particular challenge leaves some players feeling overwhelmed.

The Proving Grounds Shrines

Arguably the hardest Tears of the Kingdom shrines is the Proving Grounds Shrines. Depending on which direction you go at the start of TOTK, you might come across Sifumin Shrine (Proving Grounds: Flow), Mayachideg Shrine (Proving Grounds: The Hunt), Eutoum Shrine (Proving Grounds: Infiltration) with oh, five, maybe six hearts.

That’s bad, since everything BUT your health and stamina is stripped away at the start of these shrines. Sure, all the speedrunners love this challenge, but it’s probably best for most players to come back with 8 or so hearts so you don’t get one-shotted by an electric arrow from behind, forcing you to start completely over. But, if you must prove yourself, as the challenge suggests, we’ve got guides to cheese the enemies.

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What are the Tears of the Kingdom Shrines?

The Tears of the Kingdom Shrines are a set of shrines found in various locations throughout the kingdom. These shrines are named after the tears-shaped patterns engraved on their entrance, and each shrine presents its own unique challenges and puzzles to solve.

How do I find the Tears of the Kingdom Shrines?

The Tears of the Kingdom Shrines are scattered across the kingdom, and their locations can be discovered by exploring the vast lands or by obtaining clues from NPCs, books, or other in-game sources. Keep an eye out for tear-shaped patterns or listen for rumors and hints from the locals to uncover the hidden shrines.