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NFL Rivals becomes a Web3 hit as the mobile game nears 1 million downloads

Mythical Games’ NFL Rivals, the officially licensed Web3 game from the National Football League (NFL) and NFL Players Association (NFLPA), has achieved impressive success since its global launch in early access over a month ago. It has approached nearly one million downloads on both the Apple and Google mobile stores.

During an interview with GamesBeat, Mythical CEO John Linden stated that the game, which combines general manager gameplay with arcade-style elements, fulfills fans’ aspirations of becoming an NFL team’s general manager. While it is considered one of the top-performing Web3 games, there is still ongoing debate about whether players will be drawn to the Web3 features, especially considering that the game can also be played as a Web2 game.

On average, players have engaged in approximately two hours of gameplay per day, resulting in over 10 million game sessions thus far. The game has received an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5 on iOS.

“We had a great launch,” Linden said. “We thought it would be a marathon and not a sprint. But we came out of the gates springint and it’s been really nice. It’s been a great 30 days.”

NFL Rivals can be played as a Web2 game as well

Linden announced upcoming content releases scheduled for this week. Last month, the game achieved the impressive feat of reaching the top spot in sports games, as well as ranking first in action games and third among all game genres. Linden anticipates that the game will surpass one million downloads in the upcoming days.

With the NFL’s involvement, the game integrates Web3 digital ownership. And in-game utility, enabling fans to possess, collect, and trade digital assets that provide access to special events, in-game rewards, and other unique features.

The game made its debut on April 26 on both iOS and Android platforms, coinciding with the NFL Draft. Despite the NFL being in its offseason during this period, the engagement with the game has been highly encouraging for the Mythical team, as mentioned by Linden. He further predicts that as the pre-season commences in August and marketing efforts intensify, the audience’s level of engagement will increase. The official season is set to begin on August 24.

NFL Rivals developer discusses how players engage Web3 economy

Players have the option to play the game as a Web2 game. They can make in-game purchases using credit cards instead of utilizing Web3 solutions like cryptocurrencies. Engaging in the Web3 economy is also not mandatory for players who prefer not to resell their assets, making it a gentle approach to Web3. However, if players wish to sell the assets they own in third-party stores outside of the app stores, they are able to do so.

According to Linden, Mythical continuously holds discussions with app stores to obtain approval for the integration of Web2 and Web3 gaming.

“Since we started it years ago, we wanted to bring these new economies into the games,” Linden said. “We wanted people to concentrate on the game. We are achieving that so far.”

“You can totally play the game as a Web2 game,” he said. “But you can definitely come in and trade and interact with other players in the market. We see a lot of collection mechanics. People are coming in and collecting NFL players or selling them off, he said. So far, a minority of players are reselling.

“It’s about a third of the players interacting with the economy of the game,” Linden said. “We’re seeing that number grow every day. We’ve tried to make it seamless, as part of the game.”

And when players choose to sell their assets and generate proceeds, they reinvest the earnings back into the game. This creates a continuous cycle that encourages players to engage with the game repeatedly, as mentioned by Linden. The percentage of players who make purchases in free-to-play games typically falls within the range of 2% to 5%, according to Linden’s statement.

“We’re on the higher end of that,” he said.

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Can I play NFL Rivals without engaging in Web3 features or using cryptocurrencies?

Yes, you can play NFL Rivals as a Web2 game without needing to participate in the Web3 economy or use cryptocurrencies. You have the option to pay for in-game items using a credit card instead. The game offers a soft sell approach to Web3, allowing players to enjoy the game without actively involving themselves in blockchain transactions or reselling assets. It provides a seamless gaming experience regardless of whether you choose to explore Web3 features or not.

How does Mythical Platform protect gamers who are new to blockchain technology?

Mythical Platform prioritizes a “gamers-first” approach to ensure that players. Especially those unfamiliar with blockchain, can still enjoy the benefits of owning digital assets without diving into the intricacies of blockchain technology. The platform offers a custodial wallet to safeguard gamers’ digital items, providing a secure storage solution. For advanced players, the platform also enables the option to link their own wallets. Through bridges connecting the Mythical Chain and public mainnets.