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Steam Update brings much improvement to the platform’s interface

Valve has officially launched the highly anticipated client update for Steam, which users will immediately notice upon launching the platform. This update introduces a visually refreshed interface, enhanced notification system for improved usability, and a noteworthy addition of a useful note-taking feature that we have found particularly valuable.

Valve has stated that the significant improvements in the Steam client update primarily lie in the background. In their blog post introducing the update, developers mentioned that a substantial portion of the work focused on modifying the code-sharing process between the Steam Desktop Client, Big Picture mode, and Steam Deck. With the implementation of the shared codebase, numerous features introduced in the Steam Desktop Client are now simultaneously available on the Steam Deck.

Valve claims much of Steam’s update features are behind-the-scenes improvements

Among the noteworthy features, Steam’s Notes app stands out as a significant addition, as previously previewed by Polygon in late April. Furthermore, Steam now enables players to pin windows from its overlay, allowing them to appear on top of the game screen while playing.

“This feature is perfect for keeping track of progress or guides while in-game,” developers said, “or for multi-tasking maniacs who love to have a movie on in the background while they game.”

Players who utilize gamepads will be pleased to learn that the controller configurator, which is utilized by Steam Deck, has been integrated into the Steam Desktop Client overlay when a gamepad is connected. Additionally, virtual menus can now be utilized during desktop gaming as well.

A comprehensive list of the modifications, enhancements, and quality-of-life features can be found in the provided blog post. The update is free of charge and currently accessible for all platforms, including Windows PC, Linux, and Mac.

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