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Final Fantasy 16 announces a June 20th pre-load and 90 GB space requirement

Pre-load for Final Fantasy 16 is scheduled to commence on June 20, the upcoming Tuesday. However, prior to that, it is advisable to ensure sufficient storage capacity on your PS5, as expected, due to the substantial filesize of the game. According to a reliable source, Final Fantasy 16 will occupy a total of 90.18 GB of storage before any patches are applied.

While this doesn’t make it one of the largest recent releases (Mortal Kombat 1 oddly surpasses it with a size of 100 GB), it serves as a reminder for fans to clear unwanted games from their hard drives, as the game’s size will likely increase during ongoing development. Additionally, it has been revealed that a day one patch will be available, which Square Enix had previously avoided, further expanding the storage requirements if not accounted for during the pre-load.

PlayStation Game Size on Twitter has provided this information, which may come as a pleasant surprise to many. Considering the numerous massive game releases this year and the grand scale of Final Fantasy 16, it was widely expected that the game would exceed the 100GB threshold. However, for now, it seems that our concerns are unfounded.

Furthermore, this file size allows the game to be contained within a single disc, a strategic decision that Square Enix has capitalized on. Unlike the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Final Fantasy 16 will be packaged with only one disc.

Final Fantasy 16 pre-load helps with the game’s chunky download size

Yesterday, producer Naoki Yoshida shared the announcement that Final Fantasy 16 has managed to fit onto a single disc, a feat accomplished in the past six months. This revelation indicates that a significant amount of effort has been dedicated to optimization during the latter stages of development. With the game set to release on June 22 and Final Fantasy 16 pre-load coming two days before, this optimization work suggests that we can anticipate a polished product, despite the need for a considerable amount of storage space.

For those considering whether to purchase the game, a demo is currently available on the PlayStation Store. However, it’s important to note that the game is exclusively launching on the Sony console, making it unavailable for those without a PS5. There are no immediate plans for a PC release, although Square Enix has stated that a port can be expected in the future.

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