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Following xQc Amouranth now joins Kick in a shock move away from Twitch

After xQc’s non-exclusive deal with Kick, Amouranth joins Kick also, bidding farewell to Twitch as she celebrates her seventh stream anniversary. Amouranth, known for her clever humor and content that toes the line of being not safe for work (NSFW), held the title of the biggest female streamer on Twitch in 2022. Her ability to push the limits of what is permissible on the platform has made her a constant subject of discussion among viewers.

However, during her seventh anniversary celebration on Twitch, she prominently featured Kick in the title and made the surprising move of transitioning from Twitch to Kick in the midst of her livestream. With xQc’s recent departure, this makes it two of Twitch’s leading streamers switching over to the rival platform Kick within a span of just two days.

The nature of Amouranth’s relationship with Kick, whether it involves a contractual agreement like xQc’s or not, remains uncertain. Nevertheless, her announcement has generated significant attention and discussion. Despite expressing reservations about leaving Twitch for Kick in previous instances, Amouranth has evidently overcome those concerns and chosen to switch platforms, or at least allocate some of her streaming time to another platform.

Amouranth joins kick after a funny announcement video

Amouranth’s announcement video started with her looking at xQc’s deal with Kick and asking, “So, 100 million dollar deals have started… Can I get one of those?” followed by her packing her bags and heading to Kick.

The specifics of Amouranth’s contract, including the presence or absence of one, remain undisclosed. However, if her situation is similar to xQc’s, it is likely that she is not obligated to stream exclusively on Kick. Considering Kick’s more favorable revenue split for creators and its more relaxed content restrictions during livestreams, the emerging platform could serve as an ideal destination for Amouranth.

Following xQc’s signing and with other prominent Twitch streamers suggesting that “Twitch is done,” Amouranth’s move further strengthens that sentiment. Additionally, with influential streamers like Asmongold also considering the platform, it remains uncertain which streamer might make the next transition to Kick.

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