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Popular Twitch streamer xQC signs a $100 Million deal with rival platform Kick

Kick, a rival platform to Twitch, has secured a significant multi-year agreement with popular Twitch streamer xQC, also known as Félix Lengyel. As reported by The New York Times, Lengyel has entered into a contract valued at approximately $70 million for a duration of around two years. His agent has indicated that with incentives, the total figure could reach about $100 million.

With an impressive following of 11.8 million on his Twitch channel, Lengyel consistently attracts over ten thousand viewers per stream. Lengyel expressed in a statement to the Times that one of the motivations behind this deal is to “to try and do things I haven’t been able to before.”

“I’m extremely excited to take this opportunity and maximize it into new creative and fresh ideas over coming years,” he added.

A flashy announcement video said his Kick channel would still have the “same Felix” with the “same content.”

Is this the start of a trend at Twitch?!

It is worth highlighting that Lengyel’s agreement does not solely bind him to Kick. As mentioned in the Times report, he intends to continue streaming on Twitch, albeit with reduced frequency compared to before he signed the deal. At present, xQc Kick Channel has amassed a following of more than 56,000 individuals.

Kick, a recently established streaming service supported by gambling and gambling sites in Australia, is involved in an ongoing conflict with Twitch and its content creators. This deal, announced today, serves as further evidence of this tension.

A significant factor that may prompt streamers to switch platforms is Kick’s practice of only taking 5% of the subscription revenue, compared to Twitch’s 50%. However, this also means that Kick is willing to operate at a loss, as stated by their chief executive, Ed Craven.

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