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Bungie apparently working on a new IP called ‘Matter’

During the FTC-Microsoft trial, it was disclosed that Bungie, the studio renowned for Destiny 2 and the upcoming revival of Marathon, is anticipated to release a new IP around 2025.

According to previously confidential Microsoft documents (via IGN), the company took notice when Bungie filed a trademark for the name “Matter” in 2018, indicating that it could be Bungie’s forthcoming IP. Microsoft expressed their thoughts on Bungie’s new IP as follows:

“As of 2021, [Bungie] has more than doubled its headquarters space and plans to open a new studio in Amsterdam by 2022 for ongoing support on Destiny 2 and development of a new IP, currently expected to release in 2025.”

The IGN report highlights that Bungie has exhibited indications of working on a new intellectual property (IP). In 2020, job listings were discovered that indicated the studio’s upcoming IP would have a “comedic” tone and feature “whimsical characters.” However, there has been no official announcement regarding the specific IP referred to as “Matter.” GameSpot has reached out to Bungie for a comment on the matter.

Apart from the information related to “Matter,” the documents also reveal that in 2021, Microsoft was considering the acquisition of studios such as Sega, Niantic, and even Bungie. These potential acquisitions were seen as a means to enhance Game Pass subscriptions and bolster their mobile division.

Bungie has a slate of new IP

Bungie has already revealed they’ve been working on a Marathon reboot. The Marathon series, created in 1994, consisted of several titles including Marathon, Marathon 2, and Marathon Infinite. These games were originally exclusive to the Macintosh platform and immersed players in the role of an unnamed security officer aboard a spaceship known as the Marathon.

Noteworthy for its time, the first-person shooter introduced the ability for players to freely look up and down, and it skillfully combined puzzles, intricate storylines, and survival mechanics in a groundbreaking manner. Many fans also recognize Marathon as a precursor to the renowned Halo series, as it served as the studio’s initial venture into the realm of science fiction shooters for which they later gained recognition.

“Matter” was not the only project that has been revealed during the Microsoft FTC Trial. Earlier today we reported that IO Interactive, the Danish developers behind the Hitman series has also been working on an online RPG title called “Project Dragon”.

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