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Retailers might have leaked Sonic Superstars Release Date

Following the Sonic Central livestream, it appears that GameStop and Target inadvertently revealed the release date for Sonic Superstars.

Wario64 noticed that both GameStop and Target, where Sonic Superstars is available for pre-order, initially listed the game’s release date as October 17 on their websites. This date is earlier than the usual release schedule for Sonic games. However, IGN later discovered that the release date was changed to the placeholder date of December 31, 2023 on the websites of both retailers.

During the Summer Game Fest earlier this month, Sonic Superstars was unveiled, and it was stated that the game is expected to be released in Fall 2023. Considering that the game’s trailer was released recently, it would be a relatively fast turnaround to announce the precise release date at this point.

Sonic Superstars release date may be close to Spider-Man 2’s

According to general speculation, Sonic Superstars is anticipated to launch sometime between August and October. Although August is technically considered a summer month, it is worth noting that Sonic Mania was released during that time in 2017. On the other hand, Sega has a tendency to unveil new Sonic game trailers with a Winter or Holiday release window, such as Sonic Frontiers, and subsequently announce a November release date several months later.

If the rumored release date of October 17 for Sonic Superstars holds true, the game would find itself in competition with Alan Wake 2, which is also scheduled for release on the same day. Additionally, it would be vying for attention alongside Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, both set to be released on October 20.

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