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How to find electrum in Final Fantasy 16

When you pay a visit to Blackthorne at the Hideaway in Final Fantasy 16, you might attempt to craft the Drakeslayer’s Belt, only to discover that you are missing one crafting material: electrum. Obtaining electrum can be slightly more challenging than anticipated, as you’ll need to locate and defeat one of the notorious marks listed on the Hunt Board. Keep reading to learn about Severian’s whereabouts and how to obtain the electrum crafting material.

How to get electrum in Final Fantasy 16

Defeating the notorious mark named Severian rewards you with electrum. To unlock the Severian hunt, you must first complete the “Fire and Ice” main scenario quest. Therefore, it is important to finish this quest before embarking on the hunt for Severian.

Severian, a B-rank hunt, can be found at a location to the north of Sorrowise in Rosaria. To reach Severian quickly, teleport to the Martha’s Rest obelisk and proceed west towards the wooden elevator. From there, follow the path north around the bend, and you will come across Severian curled up into a ball. Prior to approaching Severian, it is recommended to allocate your ability points. Keep in mind that there is no refund cost, so make sure to invest all your available points before engaging in the battle.

How to beat Severian

  • Watch out for Severian’s Long sword: Maintaining a safe distance from Severian is advisable since their beam sword possesses a longer reach than expected. Additionally, they possess several attacks that allow them to swiftly close the gap between you and them. Therefore, when Severian brandishes their sword, it is essential to be prepared to dodge promptly.
  • Watch our for “Eradicate”: Eradicate, one of Severian’s most lethal moves, poses a significant threat as it unleashes a barrage of whirling blades that can cause substantial damage if you are caught within its range. The moment you notice the notification for Eradicate appearing on your screen, it is crucial to quickly retreat and be prepared to dodge the impending lunge.
  • His AOE has a follow-up: Severian’s unclassified attack is characterized by the formation of a light blue circle around it, signaling an impending strike within that area. However, a significantly larger circle will swiftly appear afterward. To evade both attacks, it is imperative to quickly retreat and create a considerable distance between yourself and Severian.

And that’s how you could obtain electrum in Final Fantasy 16. For more Final Fantasy 16 guides, you could check out how you could get Excalibur in the game or how to gather scarletite in Final Fantasy 16.