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Where to find Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16

In Final Fantasy 16, players utilize Scarletite, a crafting material, to create the Drakeslayer’s Belt, Drakeslayer’s Bracelets, and Excalibur. Although each of these items necessitates only one Scarletite, players may encounter challenges in acquiring even this small amount of the material. For those who are facing difficulties in locating Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16, this guide provides several sources from which it can be obtained.

Scarletite Location

Players in Final Fantasy 16 can acquire Scarletite primarily through the Hunt Board. The Hunt Board offers four Notorious Marks that grant one or two Scarletite as a reward upon their defeat. The four Notorious Marks that provide Scarletite are as follows:

Notorious MarkRankLevelUnlock Requirement
DozmareB28Start Blacksmith’s Blues side quest.
FastitocalonB34Start Riddle of the Sands main quest.
The Ten of ClubsB35Complete Fire in the Sky main quest.
Holy TrumpitourB36Complete Fire in the Sky main quest.

In addition to obtaining Scarletite from Notorious Marks, players can also acquire the material through a side quest called “Hot Water.” This quest starts as you speak with Xaver at the Dalimil Inn in the Dhalmekian Republic. To make it easier for players, the location of this NPC has been indicated on the provided map. It is important to note that players can visit Xaver after completing the objective “Follow the Crystals” within the main quest “Riddle of the Sands.”

Hunting down Scarletite

In order to complete the Hot Water quest, players are tasked with defeating multiple bombs located at the nearby Doeznov Terraces. The in-game waypoints provided make this task straightforward, and upon completion, Xaver will reward the Scarletite to the player. Additionally, players will also receive the Breath of the Inferno (Ignition), an accessory that reduces Ignition cooldown by 2.2 seconds, which may be of interest to certain players.

It is worth noting that Scarletite is not the only rare material required for crafting the Drakeslayer’s Belt, Drakeslayer’s Bracelets, and Excalibur in Final Fantasy 16. Players will also need to acquire Electrum, Gelatinous Mass, and Bomb Ember to create these items. Similar to Scarletite, these crafting materials can be obtained by defeating Notorious Marks, emphasizing the importance of engaging with the Hunt Board system when it becomes available.

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