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How to get Excalibur in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy games have a reputation for featuring incredibly powerful optional weapons that players can strive to obtain and wield with great impact, and Final Fantasy 16 follows suit in this regard. Acquiring the remarkable power of the legendary sword Excalibur will not be a simple and effortless task, but the rewards may prove to be well worth the challenges. Here is a guide on how to obtain Excalibur.

How to acquire Excalibur in Final Fantasy 16

To obtain Excalibur, players must craft it as part of the “Blacksmith’s Blues II” side-quest. This can be obtained from Blackthorne the Blacksmith at the Hideaway. This quest becomes available during the main story quest “Out of the Shadow.” However, it is important to note that completing the initial “Blacksmith’s Blues” quest is a prerequisite for unlocking this optional quest.

To initiate the “Blacksmith’s Blues II” quest, refer to the notes on your desk and read the letter titled “About Blackthorne.” Afterwards, proceed to speak with Blackthorne and Charon. Once you have started the quest and had a conversation with them, use the map to fast-travel to Dalimil Inn and meet Ignac. He is upstairs in the tavern. Ignac will request that you retrieve an item from a group of bandits.

Material needed to craft Excalibur

Journey to Velkroy Desert and locate the bandits in the northeastern part of the map. They will be easily identifiable within the designated green circle on your map. Defeat the bandits and you will then be transported back to Dalimil Inn. Following a cutscene, return to Blackthorne at the Hideaway to conclude the quest. As a reward, you will receive the Excalibur Design Draft, which enables you to craft Excalibur.

The required materials include:

  • Wyrrite x300
  • Grimalkin Hide x1
  • Bomb Ember x1
  • Scarletite x1

We previously mentioned how we could get Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16. While you may have an abundance of Wyrrite in your inventory, the remaining materials can be acquired by defeating specific creatures during hunts. These creatures include Fastitocalon, Grimalkin, and Bomb King. It is worth noting that defeating the Bomb King not only grants you the required material but also allows you to upgrade your inventory. Therefore, by defeating the Bomb King, you can accomplish two objectives simultaneously and get that sweet Excalibur sword in Final Fantasy 16.