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MultiVersus fans react after the game servers shut down until 2024

Players have expressed their mixed emotions on social media as MultiVersus servers shut down and the game enters a hiatus until early 2024. Despite the game being perceived as a complete release with features like battle passes, microtransactions, and DLC characters, Warner Bros. Games had previously announced its closure, effective from June 25.

Now that the anticipated date has passed, players have taken to sharing their conflicting sentiments online. While most of them appear to be slightly saddened by the unavailability of their favorite game for almost a year, their reactions have varied across the spectrum.

“Well ladies and gentleman, the open beta is officially over,” said Officer_Jack on Reddit. “I’ll be looking forward to the full release of MultiVersus next year.”

Other hopeful players filled the replies. “It was a pleasure to play this game and very much look forward to what this game can become next year,” said Nate_923. “Hopefully when it fully launches it’s packed full of new content and the community becomes comprised of more actual players engaging online rather than vice versa.”

Players have mixed feelings about how MultiVersus operated before the servers shutdown

Many players who had previously stopped playing MultiVersus decided to re-engage with the game for a few final matches before its shutdown. Additionally, some players took the opportunity to savor their daily gaming routines one last time before the countdown to the game’s closure reached its end.

However, not all players had positive sentiments, as some individuals continued to voice their frustration over MultiVersus servers shuting down and it ceasing operations after investing real money into the game.

“Locking people out of money they spent on your game until next year is something no company has successfuly done, for quite obvious reasons,” said one Twitter user.

No (new) release date for MultiVersus has been shared so far, meaning fans will just need to wait for further announcements.