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IO Interactive’s upcoming online RPG might be an Xbox exclusive

Internal Microsoft documents submitted as evidence in the ongoing FTC v. Microsoft trial indicate that IO Interactive upcoming online fantasy RPG might become an Xbox exclusive.

The documents, which reveal Xbox’s research into potential acquisitions, including IO Interactive, list the studio as working on a project titled “Project Dragon,” described as an RPG shooter for PC and Xbox Series X and S. Furthermore, the documents state that Project Dragon is being developed under the Xbox Game Studios publishing umbrella.

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According to a leaked report from Windows Central, “Project Dragon” was previously identified as an Xbox-exclusive fantasy RPG. While there has been no official confirmation linking it to IO Interactive’s previously announced fantasy RPG, it seems unlikely that the studio would be concurrently developing two fantasy RPGs alongside their planned James Bond game.

Will IO Interactive’s RPG “Project Dragon” interfere with their Bond game?!

The internal document, combined with the leaked report, suggests that this upcoming fantasy game will be exclusive to Xbox and PC, published by Xbox Game Studios, and receive substantial support from Xbox. It should be noted that this information was shared internally in May 2021.

Although limited details have been disclosed about IO Interactive’s fantasy RPG, the studio has mentioned that the project draws inspiration from gamebooks like Fighting Fantasy. This genre represents a significant departure from IO Interactive’s well-known Hitman franchise.

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Who are IO Interactive?

IO Interactive is a Danish video game development studio. They are best known for creating the popular Hitman series. IO Interactive was founded in 1998 and has since gained a reputation for their stealth-action gameplay and intricate level design. In addition to Hitman, they have also developed other titles. Titles like Kane & Lynch: Dead Men and the recently announced James Bond game, codenamed “Project 007.”