How to Get Verified on snapchat ? the Blue Checkmark

In a world of fake news and widespread media distrust, social media verification will be more important in 2021 than ever. In this article, we’ll show you how to get verified on snapchat. We’ll also discuss the process and eligibility requirements.

How to Get Verified on snapchat ?

Many social networks now offer verification to large influencers and brands. In most cases, the social media site will request some of your personal info to verify that you are who you say you are, and in return will place a small ‘official’ badge next to your name.

This badge gives your audience trust in your account, in turn improving interaction and helping you build your following.

Getting verified on Snapchat means you’re a big deal on the platform. Once you’re verified, there will be a gold star next to your name. You can use this cool addition to advertise your business or brand.

But how do you get verified on Snapchat? Do you need to be a celebrity? Find out everything you need to know about getting verified on Snapchat in the guide below.

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What does ‘Verified’ mean on Snapchat?

In 2015, Snapchatters started noticing little emojis appear next to celebrities’ usernames on the Snapchat app. However, if you try to do this yourself, you will notice there is no real option for it.

Snapchat quietly started verifying celebrity accounts so that users know which one is the official account to follow. This is quite similar to Instagram’s Verified account where the user gets a blue tick next to their username on their account.

Snapchat has not divulged how many accounts it has currently verified, though if you search for a celebrity on the app, you will see other verified accounts recommended to you to follow.

How to Get Verified on Snapchat Without Being Famous

How to Get Verified on Snapchat Without Being Famous

It’s relatively easy to get verified on Snapchat when you’re a celebrity. But what can you do if you meet the requirements mentioned above and you’re still not getting a verified star?

Some users have reached out to Snapchat directly and complained about other people duplicating their content. Surprisingly, this information provided them with a verified star. So, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open “Snapchat” on your phone.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click on your profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen. This will open the “Settings” page.
  4. Next, hit “Settings” in the upper right part of the screen. It looks like a gear icon.
  5. Scroll down to “Support” and you’ll see “I Need Help.”
  6. Tap on “Contact Us.”
  7. Now, under various options, choose “My Snapchat isn’t working.”
  8. Then, you’ll need to select “Other.”
  9. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit “Yes.”
  10. You’ll see a question asking you to describe your issue. Click on “My issue is not listed.”

Get Verified on Snapchat

Remember the account you’re using needs to have some views. Otherwise, they won’t verify you even though you’ve complained about other people duplicating the account.

Once you follow all steps, you’ll see a new page open. Here, you’ll be able to fill in the details of your account. Include the username, email, mobile device, and describe when you started having the issue. You’ll also need to share additional information. In this section, explain that other people are trying to impersonate your account. Then explain how getting a verified star will help protect your account and get you the views and attention it deserves.

Under “Attachment,” add your ID. This will help Snapchat recognize you as a real person. Snapchat needs to know they aren’t dealing with fake accounts or an impersonator trying to remove competition by gaining more followers.

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What are the criteria for getting Verified on Snapchat?

Snapchat is quite airy when it comes to what you need to get your account verified. Naturally, a verified account is usually for some kind of celebrity, which means they would have a strong following on the app.

Snapchat says that in order to get your account verified you need to have at least 50,000+ views on your story. This means that 50,000 users should watch your story to completion. However, there is no clarity on how often you need these views, or if you need it on every story you put up.

How to Get Views on Snapchat

To achieve the verified badge on snapchat, you have to have a lot of followers. It starts with having a lot of views. Get more views in a snap  by focusing on creative content and thinking outside the app. Follow these tips:

  • Follow as many people as possible to get follows in return.

Unlike other social media platforms, you won’t be penalized for adding tons of other users. And people are much more likely to follow you back if you follow them first.

When you first create your account, you’ll be asked if you want to automatically follow everyone in your contact list on your phone. Your answer? Yes.

You can find out if someone has followed you back by clicking on their Snapcode. If you can see their Snapscore (the total number of Snaps they’ve sent and received), it means they’ve added you.

  • Earn points and trophies to unlock new features.

Whether you’re using unique filters, sending private Snaps, or uploading creative videos to your story, you receive points every time you’re active on the app. Those points get you trophies which can grant you access to all sorts of cool features.

Trophies are displayed as emojis in your trophy box. You can see your trophy box if you tap on your profile picture.

Different trophies have different requirements. For example, you can earn the Ogre trophy for sending 1,000 Snaps taken with the front-facing camera. Or you can earn the Sun emoji if you send a Snap when the temperature is over 100 °F (38 °C).

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Get more Views on Snapchat

  1. Collaborate with an influencer for a shoutout or a takeover.

Asking someone well-known in your sphere to promote your own brand or account puts you in front of all of their followers, who are often similar to your own audience. Send them an instant message, a private Snap, or see if they have a website with their contact information. Let them know what kind of partnership you’d like and what’s in it for them.

An influencer can simply give you a shoutout or they can do a takeover, which is when you give them complete control of your account for a set period of time (or vice versa if you’re taking over their account).

Influencers are in high demand so be prepared to pay for any partnership. If you have a large following already (over 1,000), however, you might be able to trade a shoutout for a shoutout.

Some tips to get verified on Snapchat

Since the only criteria to get verified on Snapchat is to get a huge number of views, the most important thing to do is increase your followers on the app. Here are some tips that could help you with that.

  • Step up your content: This is an obvious one, but good HD content is pivotal in increasing your followers. No one wants to view content shot on a potato.
  • Personalize your Story: Unlike Instagram, Snapchat is up and personal. So your followers want to know the real you, what you do every day, what you like, etc. Personalizing your story will help your audience connect better with you.
  • Interact with your audience: Snapchat has some cool tools to use to create polls and other interaction on your story. Use these creator tools to engage your audience.
  • Do an SFS: Shoutout For Shoutout is a great way to reach a new audience. Set up a script and request another creator to give you a shoutout on their channel.
  • Cross-platform promotion: If you have accounts on other social media platforms (like everyone else in the world), use these to promote your Snapchat account. You might have followers there that do not know how to find you on Snapchat.

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What happens after snapchat verification request?

It could take a couple of days before Snapchat gets back to you. When they do, they’ll hopefully send you an email where they will tell you the good news that your account has been verified.

When you get verified, you’ll get plenty of advantages. For instance, you’ll be able to add a customized Snapchat icon. The bio section will allow you to use up to 150 characters. Use it to share who you are and what you do. Doing so could potentially attract new followers.

Finally, getting verified means you’ll be able to log in to Snapchat using various devices. You could be posting a story from your computer while sharing an image from your phone.