How do you get a verified check on Youtube? Verification badges on channels

How to Verify Your YouTube Channel? Verification badges on channels for creator, artist, company, public figure

how do you get verified on youtube ?

Verification badges on YouTube channels

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform in the world and in the last 10 years, it has become a good source of profit for new and aspiring video content creators. Let’s know more about tricks & tips about how to get verified on YouTube. This way you can also start social media marketing and monetizing YouTube channels.

Get verified on YouTube

However, YouTube is not only important for individuals but is also great for companies. Through this site, business owners are able to post new media files thus attracting more attention and generating higher revenue.

You can get verified on YouTube and get the checkmark next to your channel name. But in order to qualify, you need to get to 100,000 subscribers first.

how do you get verified on youtube ?

Most importantly, this has a great importance for popular YouTube Channels. Because getting verified means getting more attention!

youtube verified

According to YouTube, channels with verification badge belonged to esteemed creators, official brands & business channels and recognized YouTubers.

youtube verification badge

Verified channels come with certain extra benefits but getting prominently noticed amidst the vast ocean of online content is most important.

One of the most important things about managing your YouTube account is getting verified. So, what does this mean and how does it help you?

Verifying new YouTube accounts Vs. Verification badges

Now let us understand a primary YouTube functioning feature. When you create a YouTube account, the platform like many others, would need a phone number and involve security codes. This is to confirm that there is no bot spamming the site and you are a real human. Getting all accounts verified on the website is vital because that is the first step to creating a valid channel.

how to get youtube verified ?

how to get a verified youtube account ?

On the other hand, verification badges are special as discussed above. Specific channels are entitled to get the grey tick over their channel only after they have achieved all the set benchmarks. These badges are proof that the channel is reliable and supports brand authenticity. Verification badges increase the capability of the channel while securing genuine traffic by differentiating imposters on YouTube and build a loyal bunch of viewers.

That’s why you will lose the verification badge if you change the channel’s name.

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What does it mean to be verified on YouTube?

youtube verified badge

Like anything else on the web, the verification process helps determine whether or not a channel really belongs to the person or company in question. This is especially important for businesses, entrepreneurs and celebrities.

Given that nowadays we’re judged by everything we say or do, it’s easy for your reputation to be tarnished. So, if a malicious person uses your name to start a negative campaign, you can quickly lose face.

youtube channel verification

Verification is crucial to give your channel legitimacy. Being verified by YouTube means that the biggest video platform is vouching for your channel’s authenticity.

But keep in mind that there are no special benefits to it nor will you get any advantage over other other users when it comes to rankings or views. It is just a way of getting your name protected from various copycats and content thieves.

But there is more to this process than simple protection. You also get instant credibility as soon as the viewer sees your YouTube verification badge. This basically means that you’re more likely to get an increased number of clicks on your videos.

how to get checkmark on youtube

How to get verified on YouTube? Grey Tick
YouTube Guidelines For a Verification Badge and how to get verified on YouTube

Furthermore, only channels with more than 100,000 subscribers are eligible for the mark. In other words, simply showing your verification badge puts you in elite company.

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Let’s learn how to verify a YouTube channel

There are some requirements to fulfill to get the verification badge from YouTube. Which are:

youtube get verified

  • Proper channel optimization
  • Broadening reach, working on increasing number of subscribers to at least 100,000+
  • Creating unique, engaging, relevant content
  • Encouraging viewers to like, share, comment and subscribe
  • Be regular with content quantity and quality

Now, to get the badge, you can follow these steps:

how to get your youtube account verified ?

  1. Go to YouTube help page
  2. Type ‘Verification badges on channels’. Click on the first search result
  3. Watch out for the ‘Contact flow’ button (you will see this if you have a registered channel eligible for the application)
  4. Click on ‘Email support’ and fill the form
  • Click on YES when the dialog box asks ‘Is this a request for verification badge?’

YouTube will reply whether it considers the request valid or not within 24 hours when you submit the form mentioned above. The grey tick mark should be visible on YouTube channel in some days of the reply mail from the site.

It should be noted that even though verifying a YouTube channel is easy however maintaining titles & badges is difficult and this must not be ignored.

YouTube Guidelines For a Verification Badge

how to get the checkmark on youtube ?

  • YouTube will invalidate the verification badge if subscriber count falls below 100,000 mark
  • The badge will be at stake if the channel does not abide by the community guidelines
  • YouTube is strict with channels that violate terms of service and will surely nullify the verification badge if the situation demands.
  • In case the channel undergoes a rebranding and changes the channel name, then it would also lose the grey tick. Users can still reapply for verification badge by following the steps mentioned under ‘how to verify YouTube channel?’ above from the rebranded channel.

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Tips for getting verified on YouTube

how to get the verified check on youtube ?

The verification mark puts you in elite company, so there is plenty of reasons for you to put in some work to achieve this honor.

Here are some tips that will help you get there easier:

  • Having a strong brand

Even if you’re only present on YouTube, it is necessary for you to have a strong brand and good brand recognition. In the end, verification is all about transparency.

The process is especially important for established companies that have had lots of followers prior to joining the most popular social network. It is much easier for YouTube to verify a big international company than to do the same with a small video content author.

Ideally, you should share your content to your blog and through other social media platforms.

Lead by example, show proficiency and YouTube will have no other option but to verify your account.

youtube how to get verified ?
How To get a Verification badge on YouTube?
how to get verified youtube
How To get a Verification badge on YouTube?
  • Avoiding any trouble

Getting your video content flagged is one of the worst things that can happen to your channel. It’s even worse it if leads to a penalty.

how to get verified badge on youtube ?

Like all big companies, YouTube doesn’t want to be connected to troublemakers. In the end, if they have too many publishers with controversial views, posting all sorts of stuff, it will also reflect badly on their brand.

So, be careful what you’re posting and whether or not it’s aligned with the platform’s policy.

  • Focus on high-quality content

The number of subscribers doesn’t tell the whole story. Instead, it is much better if you’re able to create quality, actionable content on a regular basis.

YouTube needs authors who are able to produce good videos all the time. Similar to other internet platforms and sites, their priority is to generate content that people will keep coming back to. As long as you fit that mold, you will have no issue with getting and staying verified on YouTube.

what does the checkmark on youtube mean ?

Staying verified on YouTube

The same way YouTube can verify you, they can take that verification away.

The two main things to pay attention to is the number of subscribers and posting adequate content.

In most cases, these two go hand-in-hand. Authors who are posting videos in poor taste or that are against the company’s policies, quickly lose their followers and get banned.

Still, there are cases where you might lose followers even if you haven’t done anything wrong. Vice versa, you can have a large and vibrant community of followers and still get flagged.

Basically, the same rules that can grant you the verification mark, can strip it away from you.

get youtube verified

What happens in case of rebranding?

YouTube doesn’t see rebranding as a negative factor or something they should punish their video publishers for.

In fact, their main goal is to help authors as they grow and evolve. Even if you make some drastic changes to your channel, YouTube will not strip you of the checkmark as long as you fulfill all previously mentioned requirements.

The only case where YouTube will take away your verification mark is if you change the name of your video channel.

The new name implies a new brand and thus, you will have to start the process from scratch again.

Still, this shouldn’t be too much of an obstacle if you had a well-established channel prior to that. Just make sure to reroute your subscribers to the new channel and you will get a nice head start helping you rebuild.

how to get youtube verified badge ?

youtube verified tick

Last thoughts on Verification

Getting the YouTube verification grey tick is something that every author should strive for.

Not only does it protect your identity, but it also shows that YouTube trusts you. However, getting there isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to put much effort before you can make that step.

Nevertheless, as long as you follow the tips in this guide, you should have no trouble achieving your YouTube verification ambitions.

Good luck!