How to Get Verified on Twitch? a Purple checkmark

In the last few years, Twitch has become the premier platform for streamers. Twitch’s huge user base makes it attractive to anyone looking to gain a large audience, and earn a living in the process. So, if you are interested in the platform join Virlan to learn more about getting verified on Twitch.

Get Verified on Twitch

For the longest time, this benefit was restricted to the highly successful chosen few. Thankfully, Twitch unveiled an Affiliates Program not too long ago as a means of getting smaller streamers verified so they too can start earning money and building an audience.

What is the Twitch Verified User Badge?

The Twitch Verified User badge is a purple octagon with a checkmark in it. It is displayed by your name at the top of your screen.

Twitch released the badge in 2017 at the same time that the platform released their Affiliate program. It is a designation for Partners as compared with Affiliates and other streamers. If the badge is available to you, you can add it to your account in your backend chat settings.

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Twitch verification: Chat Badge Guide

Let’s first get familiar with all the badges included in the platform. This way, you’ll get to know it better.

There are different levels of Moderators and support found on Twitch and Twitch’s social media. To avoid confusion, here is a list of all chat badge types, ranging from users to staff. No other labels are officially sanctioned by Twitch.

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