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Bungie Addresses Players’ Concerns About Destiny 2 post Marathon

The community management team at Bungie addresses the concerns raised by the community regarding the possibility of Destiny 2 being abandoned once Marathon is released.

The community management team of Destiny 2 responds to concerns raised by fans about the potential abandonment of the game after the release of the Final Shape DLC in 2024. These concerns stem from the conclusion of the Light and Dark saga in Destiny and the upcoming release of Bungie’s new live-service game, Marathon.

With Marathon being a live-service extraction shooter, Bungie must allocate resources to maintain its functionality and enjoyment. While the release date for Marathon remains unknown, the Destiny community has expressed apprehension about the potential sidelining of the Destiny franchise, despite Bungie’s assurances to the contrary.

Destiny 2 has been Bungie’s primary live project for a significant period, so it’s understandable that fans are concerned about the upcoming changes. In response to community inquiries on Reddit, the Destiny community management team affirms their commitment to supporting Destiny and Marathon, stating that they have no intention of abandoning Destiny.

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However, the community managers acknowledge that significant changes are on the horizon, as implied by the rebranding of the official Destiny blog. They acknowledge the possibility of course corrections based on market demand and player feedback, indicating a willingness to improve Bungie’s support model.

Unhappiness within the Destiny 2 community has grown following the perceived shortcomings of the Lightfall DLC compared to the Witch Queen expansion. This dissatisfaction has contributed to increased uncertainty about the future of Destiny 2 following the release of Marathon. Despite recent criticism, Destiny remains a prized franchise for Bungie, and disregarding it would likely be a significant misstep.

It will be intriguing to observe how Bungie manages multiple concurrent franchises. Leaked details about Marathon suggest a distinct PvPvE experience, targeting a different niche from Destiny. Some challenges are ahead during this transition, and while skepticism is reasonable, Bungie is likely to make every effort to maintain the popularity of Destiny 2.

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