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Pokemon Concierge Gets a Release Date and a New Trailer

Netflix’s forthcoming stop-motion series, Pokemon Concierge, has been given a release window of December 2023, along with a fresh teaser featuring Psyduck and Lampent.

The teaser, showcased below, introduces Haru, a young Pokemon concierge employed at the Pokemon resort where the narrative unfolds. While the clip offers limited information, it does reveal Haru’s collaboration with a Psyduck at the front desk.

In the lobby, the duo notices a Lampent flying by, and though they seem concerned about its off-screen activities, they swiftly return to their cheerful and composed demeanor, as if nothing too alarming had occurred.

Pokemon Concierge boasts of an original story

Pokemon Concierge is an original narrative crafted in collaboration with dwarf studio, known for their work on animated projects such as Monsters at Work and Trash Truck.

Netflix has also shared a behind-the-scenes video featuring Non, the voice actor for Haru, who provides a tour of dwarf studio. The footage showcases additional Pokemon that are set to appear in the series, as well as the intricate process of bringing the show to life.

Following the conclusion of Ash Ketchum’s journey in the original anime, Pokemon Concierge will be among the first new Pokemon series to debut. It will be joined by Pokemon Horizons, a fresh anime featuring dual protagonists Liko and Roy, Friede and Captain Pikachu, and more.

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What is Pokémon concierge?

Netflix eagerly anticipates the opportunity to bring joy to fans in Japan and globally through “Pokémon Concierge,” a groundbreaking stop-motion animated series set in the Pokémon universe. This unique visual and storytelling experience has been developed in close partnership with The Pokémon Company, promising an entirely fresh perspective on the beloved franchise.

Will there be a Pokemon live-action series?

Following the conclusion of “Stranger Things,” Netflix is said to be progressing to the pre-production stage of its live-action Pokémon series. The streaming service announced its intentions to adapt the popular franchise into a live-action format back in July 2021. As of April 8, 2023, the project is moving forward towards its next phase.