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Destiny 2 Lightfall: Drastic Changes in Store for Players with New Weapons, Build Crafting and Modifier Removal

Destiny 2, the popular first-person shooter game, is set to undergo a major revamp with the upcoming Lightfall expansion. Players can expect significant changes to gameplay, including the introduction of new weapons, the revamp of build crafting, and the removal of the most hated modifier in the game.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what players can expect from Lightfall and how it will impact their experience in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Brings Major Changes to Gameplay

According to a recent report by PC Gamer, Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, is completely revamping the game’s build crafting system with the Lightfall expansion.

The new system will allow players to customize their weapons and armor with new mods and perks, giving them more flexibility and control over their builds. This change is expected to make the game more accessible to new players and provide more options for veterans to experiment with.

In addition to the revamp of build crafting, Lightfall will also introduce a new set of weapons to the game. According to a report by VG247, these weapons will have unique abilities and perks, giving players more ways to deal with the game’s champions, which are powerful enemies that are difficult to defeat. These new weapons are expected to shake up the game’s meta and provide players with more options for tackling different challenges.

One of the most significant changes coming with Lightfall is the removal of the “Champion” modifier, which is one of the most hated features in the game according to a report by Gamespot. This modifier makes champion enemies even more powerful and difficult to defeat, and players have long complained that it makes the game less fun. With its removal, players can expect a more balanced and enjoyable experience in Destiny 2.

Another report by Forbes, highlights the one weapon players should farm for in Lightfall, the “Transversive Steps” exotics which are one of the most powerful and versatile weapons in the game.

While these changes are exciting, they also raise some questions about the future of Destiny 2. With the release of Lightfall, players are wondering what the future holds for the game, and whether we can expect to see a Destiny 3 in the near future.

While Bungie has not made any official announcements about a new installment in the series, the company has said that it will continue to support and update Destiny 2 for the foreseeable future.

In conclusion, Lightfall is set to bring major changes to Destiny 2, with new weapons, a revamped build crafting system, and the removal of the most hated modifier in the game. These changes are expected to make the game more enjoyable for players and provide more options for tackling different challenges. While the future of the series is uncertain, players can expect to see continued support and updates from Bungie in the coming months.

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision.

It is the sequel to the 2014 game Destiny, and it was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in September 2017, with a Microsoft Windows version released later. The game is set in a “mythic science fiction” world, featuring a multiplayer “shared-world” environment with elements of role-playing games. Players assume the role of a Guardian, protectors of Earth’s last safe city as they wield a power called Light to protect the City from different alien races. Guardians are tasked with reviving a celestial being known as the Traveler, while journeying to different planets to investigate and defeat the alien races that threaten the universe. The game features both player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) game modes, and it includes both a story campaign and cooperative and competitive multiplayer elements.

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