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Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium farm guide

Toward the end of Torchlight Infinite, most players will focus on their build and try to improve it as much as they can. For this purpose, they will need items that can be purchased from the auction house, but these items will cost them crafting currency. It is very tricky to get crafting currency, especially if you are new to Torchlight Infinite, but this beginner guide to getting flame Elementium is here to save your day. Before moving to the real topic, it is important to learn what the Flame Elementium is.

What is Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite?

In there are many currencies, but Flame Elementium is what you will be dealing with a lot. It is a very common yet valuable crafting and trading currency that you need to get some good gear toward the end of the game. Getting it isn’t that difficult, but one mistake and you will always be short on it. To avoid this, you have to opt for Flame Elementium farming methods to always have a good amount.

How to farm Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite?

In Torchlight Infinite, you can earn Flame Elementium in different ways, and here are the three ways that you should use to earn it. Keep in mind that you will randomly get this currency at Netherrealm tier four. After tier four, Flame Elementium becomes very common as you proceed to high tiers. For now, these methods are viable and get the job done while you can experiment with new stuff by yourself.

Trait Cards and Mapping 

fate cards

This will be a surprise to you, but mapping and using your trait cards go hand in hand with Flame Elementium. If you get things right and are really lucky, you can earn a good amount of currency in a short time. For this method to work, get a good build in Torchlight Infinite to deal with tier five or other high-tier maps without wasting your time. If you clear more maps in one hour, you will earn more Torchlight Infinite Currency. Below are the trait cards that you should unlock in the first place and add to your trait deck for maximum benefit.

  • Magic, rare, or any other doughty card
  • Sharp lets you convert rare gear to flame fuel
  • Generous as it increases your chances of upgrading the flame fuel that you got from drops

Although this is optional, try to have some compasses in the bag as they increase the number of gears that you get from each drop, increase the number of rare monsters, increases the number of flame fuel drops, and increase the overall rarity of the drop.

You should aim for more than one-hundred-percent rarity when rolling the map for quantity value and high rarity. Start fresh in an area on the map and place the three above-mentioned cards on the map to start the fun. To run the map, start with the doughty card.

Afterward, move to the sharp card and use the generous card in the end. You have to combine the generous card with compasses to increase the rarity and quantity of drops from the map. The main goal is converting all those extra pieces to flame fuel that can then be converted to flame Elementium.

Although this method works on tier five and above maps, you should use this on tier seven or tier eight maps because of their high quantity and rarity. The second method is to go for the path of the brave tier to earn flame Elementium. Same as above, opt for high tiers to get loot and raw flame Elementium.

Sell your items

To have a good amount of flame Elementium with you all the time, check the auction house in torchlight infinite from time to time. You need to hit level sixty before you can access the auction house in the game. Before purchasing any item, you should check for its price on the auction using the built-in system; this way, you can make a profit on them as well. Look for legendary items with the high-level requirement as they go up at the auction house at a good price. Rare gears are also profitable at the auction house, especially if they have rare affixes or high-tier affixes. During your adventure, you will find embers, and you should sell them at the auction house as there is no need to hold them. Start selling with ominous and restless embers. Only those who want to go meta-crafting should hold these embers; otherwise, they are worthless.

Turn your memory fragments and fate cards in

fate cards

As you are clearing maps in Torchlight Infinite, you will gather some memory fragments in the process. After you deal with all the maps, the next thing you should turn your head towards are fragments. You can sell them to the spacetime wanderer for legendary gears, raw currency, and other items that you can sell again at the auction house.

Trade crafting materials

In torchlight infinite, different types of crafting materials are available, including embers and flame fuel, etc. To get the flame fuel, you have to disenchant any unwanted gear by taking it to Edwin. Embers are also easily available, and they come in handy in the crafting process. If you have some low-level currency in your pocket, you can take it to the auction house and trade it with Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium. Avoid selling flame Elementium for base embers and flame dust, except if you need them the most. With this method, you can get more than twenty flame Elementium without any grinding at all. Purchase all the Flame Elementium, Torchlight items, and Torchlight currency that you need from mmopixel. If you have already crafted gears and don’t need that dust and embers, get the flame Elementium using them instead. You can use the flame Elementium later to complete your build with a legendary item.