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5 Most Popular Blackjack Variants in Online Casinos

Blackjack is one of the most uncomplicated casino classics and one of the most popular. Most gamers would agree that the reason for the popularity of the King of Cards is its house edge which can be easily manipulated.

Unlike most other card games or casino games, blackjack is one of the very few games that do not exactly follow strict rules. As long as gamblers agree to the terms and conditions of the games before playing, they can easily manipulate the proceedings to suit their preferences.

There are several variations of this game in online casinos today. Each of these variants is considered blackjack, as they share some similarities, including using the same cards. However, the rules and tactics employed in each variant are pretty different.

Undoubtedly, players familiar with the classic blackjack game can immediately tell the difference and similarities when they play FanDuel’s Infinite blackjack and other game variations available online. This article will focus on the most popular blackjack variations players can find and enjoy in online casinos today. They include:

Classic Blackjack

The American version of this game is considered classic blackjack in most parts of the world. Hence, this variation remains loved all across the United States. Many players love classic blackjack due to its low house edge, which is just about 0.5%. This variant also uses a deck of 52 cards, giving punters the advantage of applying probability in their games.

When playing American blackjack, the goal is to get 21 points. The significant difference between this classic and other variants is that the dealer receives the two initial cards simultaneously. One card is usually face up while the other is face down.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack was also one of the first and original game variants employed all around Europe. It is similar to the American variant as they are both classic versions. Two 52-card decks are used when playing this blackjack, increasing the house edge compared to the American classic.

This game also has several restrictions compared to the American classic. For one, the dealer only gets one card initially and waits till the players decide on their next moves before dealing with the second card.

Again, gamers are only allowed to split cards just once, and allowed cards for the split are strictly cards valued at 10. In contrast, the American variants allow players to split all cards other than aces three times. The general rules state that players can only split aces once during gameplay.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Perfect pairs are more or less a side bet in the blackjack game. However, this became very popular among bettors, becoming a variant of the game, one of the most popular after the classics. It is similar to the American classic as it also involves dealing two initial cards simultaneously, so many gameplay rules remain the same.

In this game, players can place a perfect pairs bet before the cards are dealt. This means the players can choose to bet if they believe their two initial cards will be of the same value. If the cards are of the same value, the payout ratio is 6:1.

However, the payout increases to 12:1 if the cards have the same value and colour. The best and biggest payout possibility is the cards having the same value, colour, and suit as the ratio becomes 25:1.

Multi-Hand Blackjack

The multi-hand blackjack is one of the latest variants, becoming increasingly popular among punters today. In this game, played across six 52-card decks, the house edge is exceptionally high, and players can choose to play several hands as they wish.

This variant is becoming increasingly popular because it allows players to handle more hands than other variations. Hence, the bettor can spread risks on several hands instead of counting on just one hand.

The rules of this variant are mainly similar to the American classic, just that the multi-hand is mostly supported online. This is because playing several hands requires more patience and thoughts, and there is usually not enough time for bettors to play in a relaxed mode offline.

Blackjack Switch

Geoff Hall, a popular card counter, developed this game variation while playing at a traditional casino. What differentiates this variant is that bettors can play two hands separately, which should be the same size. The players can then switch the second card to each hand.

After concluding any side bets initially placed, the dealer permits the players to trade cards if they wish to. Following the decisions made, the dealer also allows the players to stand, double down, or hit, and the player whose cards exceed 21 points is removed from the game.


There are dozens of blackjack variations online as the casinos keep seeking ways to diversify and create new interests for gamers. However, the variations of blackjack in this piece are some of the most popular ones widely accepted in online casinos worldwide.

As a savvy online blackjack player who intends to have added advantages that will increase their chances of winning, these variants should not be foreign to you. In your free time, you can learn more about them and develop strategies that will help you win.