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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Online Casino Gaming

In these modern times, artificial intelligence can commonly be found in our everyday lives, from social media news feeds to voice assistance like Siri. The iGaming industry is also known for being ahead of the newest trends. AI technology has become one of the driving forces behind the evolution of modern gambling environments.

Land-based casino establishments and online casino sites have been evolving and using modern technology to offer an enhanced experience for players.

Thanks to the incorporation of AI into online casinos, players now have a more realistic way to enjoy the same games they would otherwise find at land-based casinos. The iGaming industry uses complex algorithms and curated space to offer the latest services and games.

Algorithms use accumulated data and help casino platforms predict what players seek when they use a website. The technology behind algorithms is derived from AI, a computer system that emulates human intelligence when decisions are to be made.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, roughly alludes to the computer science field that uses intelligent machines to process information and react in a human-like manner. Artificial intelligence has enabled machines to learn from past data and experience. Artificial intelligence systems typically showcase “intelligent” characteristics, e.g., the ability to learn, plan, reason, and resolve issues. In fact, some machines can also mimic a certain degree of social creativity and intelligence.

AI-based systems can be software-based, operate in the virtual space, or be embedded in hardware devices. It can be used in many things, for instance:

  • Search tools
  • Voice assistance
  • Automated cars
  • Advanced robots
  • Image analysis software
  • Facial and voice recognition systems
  • Drone

How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Online Casino Gaming

Below is a closer look a the impact of artificial intelligence on casino platforms and how it can offer players an improved and safer way to enjoy titles from software developers from the comfort of their homes.

Helps Recognise Problem Gamblers

AI can be utilised to single out problem gamblers. With this technology, casino platforms can use artificial intelligence to determine when their users show signs of problem gambling behaviour and suggest ways to improve their services. Casinos must also follow and offer Responsible Gambling protocols, including assisting with addiction.

That said, while artificial intelligence can be used to detect problem gambling patterns in players, it is still unclear whether it can fully treat the issue. While the technology is still in its earlier stages, it still offers a lot of promise. It can recognise problem gamblers with 60% certainty. It might also be possible to help prevent problem gambling issues from developing.

Helps Casino Platforms Handle Their Finances

Artificial intelligence helps casino platforms handle their finances since it is challenging to keep track of all the monetary transactions in a casino, especially when there are plenty of customers. AI can help online casinos predict the next deposit a player may make. Algorithms can be automated to identify patterns in user spending, which can, in turn, help casino platforms enhance their services and lower costs.

Yet another way artificial intelligence helps casinos handle their finances is via automated customer support. Automated bots can reply to common queries and quickly answer commonly asked questions. Chat can also help casino staff handle problem players by preventing users from losing funds.

Additionally, crypto-friendly casino platforms can use artificial intelligence to utilise blockchain technology to track deposits and cashouts and detect suspicious transactions. Such automated systems can help save casinos plenty of time and money.

Improves the Overall Gambling Experience

Artificial intelligence has transformed many casino games, such as roulette and blackjack. Before AI became widespread, gamblers had to learn games from seasoned players and play against tougher opponents. Machines utilise modern, cutting-edge algorithms to single out winners and shift the odds in their favour. Consequently, artificial intelligence makes online gaming much more enjoyable.

AI can also help casino platforms and developers enhance their customer support. It can gather information about new and existing users and help casinos create personalised marketing campaigns. It also helps point out what games are more popular among users and how much they bet on them.

Detects and Reduces Cheating

Artificial intelligence makes it easier for casino sites to detect cheaters or fraudulent players. AI records the behavioural patterns of online players and then uses that data to determine whether any user is cheating during a game.

The ability to identify suspicious behaviour in players allows online casinos to take the necessary measures much quicker, catching cheaters before they cause any more damage.

Those caught cheating may then be investigated, their accounts being suspended as a result. Although cheating is not that easy while playing slots, it can be possible when accessing live casino titles or table games not powered by random number generators.

Author – Nerijus Grenda