Take-Two Interactive Announces Two Remastered Releases Before March 31th, 2024

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, 2K Games, and Private Division, has revealed its plans to release 62 games by the end of fiscal year 2024, which runs from April 2023 to March 2024. Among these games are two new iterations of previously released titles, which could be remakes or remasters of popular games from the publisher’s catalog.

What are the possible candidates for remastering?

Take-Two Interactive has not officially announced any of the upcoming games, except for Olli Olli World, an independent skateboarding game that is slated to release in fiscal year 2022. However, some rumors and leaks have suggested that some of the publisher’s most beloved franchises could be getting a remastered treatment.

One of the most likely candidates is Red Dead Redemption, the critically acclaimed western adventure game that was released in 2010 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game has never been ported to PC or current-generation consoles, and fans have been clamoring for a remastered version for years.

The speculation was fueled by a recent tweet from TCMFGames, a gaming news account that claimed to have insider information. The tweet said that Take-Two Interactive’s earnings call document confirmed the publisher’s plan to release two new iterations of previously released titles in 2024, and that one of them could be Red Dead Redemption Remastered for PlayStation 5.

The tweet also cited several sources that supported the rumor, such as Colin Moriarty of Sacred Symbols podcast, who stated that Red Dead Redemption Remastered is in the works and could be announced as soon as this August; a new Korean rating classification number that indicated a console game with the title Red Dead Redemption; and a previous leak by Tez2, who claimed that both Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 were being remastered by Rockstar Games.

However, none of these sources are official or verified, and Take-Two Interactive has not commented on the matter. Therefore, the possibility of Red Dead Redemption Remastered remains uncertain at this point.

Another potential candidate for remastering is GTA 4, the fourth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series that was released in 2008 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The game received critical acclaim for its realistic depiction of Liberty City, its engaging story and characters, and its innovative gameplay features.

GTA 4 was also mentioned by Tez2 as one of the games that Rockstar Games was remastering, along with Red Dead Redemption. However, this leak was later debunked by Tez2 himself, who said that both projects were canceled in favor of focusing on GTA 6, the highly anticipated sequel that has not been officially announced yet.

Take-Two Remastered Releases

GTA 4 also faced some technical issues on PC, as it was removed from Steam in January 2020 due to problems with Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live service. The game was later restored on Steam in March 2020 with some changes and updates, but it still required players to create a Rockstar Games Social Club account to play online.

Therefore, a remastered version of GTA 4 could be a way for Take-Two Interactive to revitalize the game and make it more accessible and enjoyable for modern audiences. However, this is also just speculation based on unconfirmed rumors and leaks.

Other possible candidates for remastering could include older games from Take-Two Interactive’s catalog, such as Bioshock, Borderlands, Mafia, Max Payne, or L.A. Noire. These games have already received some form of re-release or remaster in the past, but they could benefit from further enhancements and improvements for current-generation consoles and PC.

What are the benefits of remastering old games?

Remastering old games is a common practice in the video game industry, as it allows publishers to capitalize on their existing intellectual properties and fan bases. Remastered games can offer several benefits for both publishers and players, such as:

  • Increased revenue: Remastered games can generate additional income for publishers by appealing to both new and old customers. New customers can experience classic games that they may have missed or skipped in the past, while old customers can revisit their favorite games with improved graphics and performance. Remastered games can also create more hype and demand for future sequels or spin-offs.
  • Enhanced quality: Remastered games can improve the quality and longevity of old games by fixing bugs, glitches, compatibility issues, and outdated features. Remastered games can also add new content or features that were not available or possible in the original versions, such as higher resolutions, frame rates, textures, lighting effects, audio quality, gameplay modes, online functionality, achievements or trophies.
  • Preserved legacy: Remastered games can preserve the legacy and cultural impact of old games by making them more accessible and relevant for modern audiences. Remastered games can also introduce old games to new generations of players who may not have the same nostalgia or appreciation for them. Remastered games can also celebrate the history and achievements of the video game industry and its creators.

Take-Two Remastered Releases

What are the challenges of remastering old games?

Remastering old games is not an easy or simple task, as it involves several challenges and difficulties for publishers and developers, such as:

  • High expectations: Remastered games can face high expectations and scrutiny from fans and critics, who may compare them unfavorably to the original versions or to other remastered games. Remastered games can also disappoint fans if they do not meet their demands or preferences, such as adding or removing certain content or features, changing the art style or tone, or altering the gameplay mechanics or balance.
  • High costs: Remastered games can require high costs and resources for publishers and developers, who may have to invest in new technology, tools, licenses, or personnel to create them. Remastered games can also compete with other projects or priorities that may be more profitable or innovative for publishers and developers.
  • High risks: Remastered games can entail high risks and uncertainties for publishers and developers, who may not be able to predict or guarantee the success or reception of them. Remastered games can also face legal or ethical issues, such as obtaining the rights or permissions to use the original assets, code, music, voice acting, or trademarks; respecting the original vision and intention of the creators; or avoiding plagiarism or infringement of other works.

Take-Two Interactive has announced its plan to release two new iterations of previously released titles by March 2024, which could be remakes or remasters of some of its popular games. The publisher has not revealed any details about these games, but some rumors and leaks have suggested that they could be Red Dead Redemption Remastered or GTA 4 Remastered. However, these are not confirmed or verified by official sources.

Remastering old games is a common practice in the video game industry that can offer several benefits for both publishers and players, such as increased revenue, enhanced quality, and preserved legacy. However, remastering old games also involves several challenges and difficulties for publishers and developers, such as high expectations, high costs, and high risks.

Therefore, Take-Two Interactive will have to carefully consider and balance these factors when creating its remastered games, as well as respect and satisfy the needs and wants of its customers and fans.