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Diablo 4 player becomes the first to get super rare loot Andariel’s Visage

Amidst the ongoing debate regarding the probability of obtaining the most powerful and rare items in Diablo 4, a player has recently confirmed the world’s first drop of the Andariel’s Visage, a highly sought-after unique item.

According to a report by WowHead, a Diablo 4 Barbarian named YesYou was fortunate enough to receive this coveted helm. The momentous drop was subsequently shared on YouTube by Polish streamer NadinWins, showcasing the helm’s exceptional Life Steal modifier that sets it apart.

Lithie, the player behind the character YesYou, has become the first known individual in the world to acquire Andariel’s Visage. As confirmed by Blizzard, there are currently only six of these super rare unique items in the game, and since the launch of Diablo 4 earlier this month, only a few discoveries have come to light.

Considering the extensive amount of gameplay hours invested in Diablo 4, the drop rate for these six items appears to be incredibly small. This has prompted many community members to urge Blizzard to address the issue. In the meantime, as these remarkable item findings continue to emerge, players compare the drop rates of these super rare unique items to real-life impossibilities, emphasizing the futility of grinding for them.

Redditors discuss the improbability of Diablo 4 rare items drop rate

“You’re vastly more likely to die falling out of bed than to get Shako,” said redditor Shaka Walls of the all-powerful Harlequin Crest (Diablo players have nicknamed this unique helm Shako). “Yeah, the odds are that I get killed by a shark with a golden AK-47 before I drop one of those, and I ain’t no casual,” joked Sauvadurbuz.

Other players have insisted you have a better chance of winning the lottery than obtaining one of Diablo 4’s rare, unique items. “It’s just not going to drop for you,” Shaka_Walls continued in the post that has had over 3,000 upvotes. “The chances are effectively 0%. Stop wasting your time. Even if it did, it would be financially irresponsible not to sell your account.”

Forbes reporter Paul Tassi took to Twitter to compare the chances of getting a Diablo 4 super rare unique item to getting struck by lightning.

“This isn’t ‘oh cool something rare to farm!’ You are not farming, you are trying to get struck by lightning. Two of these total were found out of millions of players in like two weeks.”

Paul Tassi

Since Blizzard confirmed the existence of these super rare unique items, the Diablo 4 community has taken it upon themselves to devise a reliable method called “target farming.” This involves repeatedly playing a specific portion of the game in the hopes that the enemies within that section are more likely to drop the desired item.

Blizzard has provided limited information about these items, stating that they only drop from enemies at level 85 or higher, have a fixed power of 820, and can be obtained anywhere regular unique items can be found. Due to this, Blizzard suggests that the best approach for farming these items is to engage in content that yields “the most uniques per x period of time.”

Even Forbes’ Paul Tassi got in the discussion!

While not much concrete information is available, players have developed various theories. One popular theory suggests focusing on specific monster families, as certain types of monsters may have a higher chance of dropping particular items. According to WowHead, if this theory holds true, specific monster types like cannibals may be more likely to drop axes and helms.

A Reddit user named u/Spartun has created a helpful infographic to aid players in their farming efforts, although it should be noted that currently, no monster families are believed to increase the chance of dropping rings or amulets. This means acquiring items like the Ring of Starless Skies (unique ring) and Melted Heart of Selig (unique amulet) may prove even more challenging.

Despite the existence of theories and strategies, some players argue that target farming, even with a theoretical framework, is ultimately pointless. One user, Shaka_Walls, stated that those discussing target farming these super rare uniques are unaware of the highly abstract mathematics involved in obtaining these items. They likened it to the saying, “The lottery is a tax on stupid people,” suggesting the same principle applies here.

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