What Has Replaced Blogging – Is Blogging Still Relevant In 2021 ?

The rise of social media, video sharing, and streaming (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) seem to have replaced blogging, but that is not the truth, Blogging has only evolved. So, is blogging still relevant? What is the future of blogging? Should we move away and concentrate on the “popular mainstream media” instead? For the many of you who are wondering about the future of online content and SEO, or planning to start a blog, Let us explore the various sides of it in this guide.

What has replaced Blogging?

By definition, traditional blogging refers to an “online diary”, where bloggers write and share small slices of their daily lives with the Internet.

While it is true in the sense that fewer people are writing “dear diary” these days, but the social aspect of sharing daily slices has never died – It has only taken up in various different forms.

1) What Replaced Blogging: Social Media

Technology is disruptive. There was a time when blogging was the major platform for building credibility. But now, social media seems to be claiming its place, among other things.

Facebook as blogging alternative

Facebook is a powerful tool that was built for finding friends and building s relationship.

Eventually, it has become a business tool where people can amass a following by putting up consistent and regular snippets of information.

Today, no business will ever dare not to have a Facebook account. It is the easiest way to get your name out there.

People have the means to share your content, and there is much more credibility in this approach because if a friend recommended your product, it could reach a hundred people, and this does not cost you anything in advertising.

Honestly, Facebook is what has replaced blogging today. However, one should note that you cannot put long content on Facebook.

Pretty much, you can only capitalize on short content, mostly inspirational in nature, and not content that seeks to educate an audience.

replaced blogging

Instagram replaced blogging

Some would argue that Instagram is what has replaced blogging. The primary reason for this contention is that it is much easier to gain a following in this platform than blogging.

Blogging requires hard work, and pretty much you have to post long content with pictures and videos.

Typically, the only people you can reach with blogging are people who have a genuine interest in the content that you are offering. But with Instagram, you are leveraging the power of pictures.

We all know that a picture means a thousand words, and Instagram business account is a platform where you can position yourself, or your products, as an authority.

If you are in the body-building niche, it is a lot better to promote yourself with pictures of yourself in your best physical condition than writing about it.

But then, Instagram also has limitations. It does not allow you to post links to where people can buy your products.

Instead, you need to advertise so you can create a clickable post where you can take the audience to your landing page.

Instagram is also not the best place to promote yourself if your niche is academic in nature, such as selling ng courses.

These are niches that pictures cannot adequately represent. And the audience is rather comfortable reading than browsing through photos. Also Read: How to Make Money on Instagram ? interesting ideas    

YouTube Replaced Blogging

Videos have a power that written words cannot provide. Reading requires a lot of effort to understand, while videos make it seamless to make your point come across.

YouTube is a platform that is best used by people who aim to demonstrate how something is done. People are visual learners, and it is much easier to follow instructions while the action is happening.

That is exactly seems social media is, casual microblogging in other words. Nope, And this is not a bad direction, and the ability to quickly connect with friends all over the world is more than welcomed. This is something that the traditional blogs cannot do. Also Read:

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2) Photos, Images And Idea Sharing

So what happens when cameras become very accessible to the young ones? Instagram and Pinterest. People start to take selfies, wefie, groupies, and foodies. Well, not everyone is good with words, so a picture does speak a thousand words after all.

3) What Replaced Blogging? Vlogging

Once upon a time, taking videos is a huge task that requires an expensive video camera, long rolls of film, and a whole production team. Today, anyone with a smartphone can do it. This accessibility to technology has led to the birth of another form of blogging – Video blogging, or more commonly known as vlogging. Well, even though certain vloggers are overly dramatic, vlogging is still more entertaining than blogging. Also Read:

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4) Microblogging & Social Blogging

In this age of information overload, it is easy to see why people still blog – but very much in an “alternate way” of sharing short posts and pictures publicly. Check out Tumblr and Medium if you want to experience social blogging.

Are Blogs over? Are Blogs still relevant in the 2021?

Of course! Blogging is not dead. In fact, “reports of my demise are premature”, says Blog! And what better proof than the fact there are 63 million new blogs set up every year!

The emergence of social media platforms and live streaming apps may seem to have replaced blogging. But the reality is this. There is still an insatiable appetite for blogs, blog posts and what bloggers have to offer.

And what most bloggers are doing is to combine blogging with vlogging, podcasts, videos and live streaming.

So is blogging oversaturated? No!
Blogs Will Remain Relevant, Just Look At The Big Boys.

The bottom line is, humans have been writing and reading for thousands of years, and that is not going to change until some mad scientists discover how we can communicate telepathically. So before that, as long as people continue to read, blogs that offer great value will continue to thrive. Just in case you have not noticed, a lot of the “big boys” in the industry have a blog:

  • Walmart Today
  • Coca-Cola Unbottled
  • Oh My Disney

Yes, even YouTube Engineers has their own YouTube Developer’s Blog.

Ever wonder why these big companies still run a blog and have dedicated teams to keep them updated with beefy contents? The answer is simple – Because blogs are still rocking it. If blogs are truly dead, then companies won’t even bother to spend money on it.

develop blog against replaced blogging

What has replaced blogging?

Develop a blogging plan

Let me ask you a few rhetorical questions to help you create a no fail blogging plan for your blog:

  • Are you struggling to get the results you want from blogging?
  • Do you wonder if it even makes sense for your long-term goals?
  • Have you lost the passion you had when you started blogging?
  • Do you sometimes feel that blogging is beginning to feel like a massive waste of time?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s crucial you understand four key points:

  • It’s important not to give up too soon as blogger.
  • Blogging has changed a lot in the past few years.
  • Blogging works if you’re persistent, consistent, and you stay committed to it.
  • If you can ride out the storm, stay the course and persevere, the storm will pass.
  • Giving up too early can be the worst decision of your life as a blogger.

And the battle for attention has gotten tougher. A lot tougher. Over the past few years, blogging has evolved into a serious online marketing activity.

Here’s something you need to know: If you don’t approach blogging with a serious mindset, then frustration is almost inevitable. Also Read:

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The future of blogging is safe for now

Content marketing is an entire job position that was built on blogging. It is something that helps you grow your company brand awareness and is useful for you. It is the easiest way for you to find something to buy online.

The importance of content marketing

All you need to search for say a lawnmower is to visit Google and put lawnmower on search. You get search results and the first thing you see an article that tells you about the latest lawn mower products.

Also included in the article are how you can get an upgrade from the ones that were used twenty years ago. The article details where you can get it and that there is a bargain price available on Amazon and you are already going to Amazon to take a look.

A buying decision was instigated right there.

That is what content marketing does. It influences buying decisions. Companies will always need blogs. People will always need blogs.

New Inventions Are An Addition To Blogging

All the other mediums such as podcasts and videos can be added to your blog. These accompaniments are said to boost conversions by 80% because hey, instead of just a picture of the lawnmower, there is a video to show how it works at the end of the article. By all means, add infographics, videos, pictures, links to podcast and YouTube.

The last Word

While blog failure stories abound, the reality is there are also very many blog success stories. At the end of the day, it depends on you.