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The Benefits of Blogging for Social Marketing and Personal Branding

Do you think that blogging has any benefits for Digital Marketing at all? Entrepreneurs have been promoting their business through content marketing for many years. Content marketing has grown significantly over the years. So blogging has many benefits for businesses.


Consider the use of print in advertising or the widespread influence of television and digital technologies in marketing. Companies are constantly looking for better ways to introduce themselves to an audience and attract more customers.

In recent years, blogging as one of the digital media has attracted the attention of business owners and has created value for businesses.

In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of blogging for business owners. So, if you do not have a blog right now, you can get started very soon. Social network management is a key tool in the success of your business, do not miss it!

An Example of Blogging

You may be interested to know that one of the brands that soon realized the benefits of blogging and made it practical was Gillette.

Gillette moved his razor-sharp ads, which he published in local newspapers on weekends, to a blog that offered tips on facial shaving.

By doing so, he introduced himself to all the people of the world. It was time to think of Gillette as a leading industry in this field when people think of shaving.

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Gillette moved his razor-sharp ads, which he published in local newspapers on weekends, to a blog that offered tips on facial correction. 

Gillette created value for its customers by blogging and helping to sell as many of its products as possible through indirect advertising. Blogging communicates best with customers, and its benefits extend to large businesses as well as small businesses, and have a positive impact on them.

However, print ads in a local newspaper are not as effective as before. This is where the importance of online advertising comes into play. The range of online advertising is very wide. Here we introduce blogging and its benefits for business owners like you.

The Benefits of Blogging for Business Owners

If you are a business owner, but you didn’t know about its benefits, do not worry! 43% of business owners do not know what blogging is or do not actively blog.  In this age of online marketing, these businesses are likely to lose more customers and more sales.

Instead, 55% of bloggers use it as their first inbound marketing strategy and benefit from its positive results.

A blog is a collection of expert thoughts, facts, and opinions about a business, industry, or audience that is available as a written article online and is accessible to anyone who visits the business website.

Meanwhile, many companies are now using this strategy to provide information about their products to customers.

Here are some amazing benefits of blogging for businesses:

1. Show your expertise by blogging

Blogging is a great way to share up-to-date knowledge with customers about industry, business and other areas of interest. Successful businesses are constantly posting articles on the blog to prove their worth as leading industries and experts in the field.

This helps customers trust your brand. The user who reads your blog has a constant connection with your brand and trusts you.

2. Blog to create value for your customers

The most important advantage of blogging is creating value for customers.

You want to provide a better customer experience than your competitors. Blogging without adding value to the customer experience is useless and harmful.

By blogging, you provide information to customers for free to drive them to buy from your brand. This information can include ideas, instructions, or a useful checklist.

The more useful free information your potential customers can get from your blog, the more loyal your customers will be. Pre-sales training is always a good marketing tactic.

3. Improve your site SEO by writing blog posts

Search engine optimization is more important than page rank. SEO is a long-term tactic that puts your business ahead of the competition in search engine results. There are several ways to implement SEO.

Improve your site SEO by writing blog posts

One way is to write blog posts about the keywords your customers are searching for. This is a great way to make sure content is published. When search engine algorithms crawl, they find your blog where the popular keyword has been used many times. As a result, your brand will rank higher in the search engine results page.

In-house and off-site optimization do the same, but improving SEO is one of the great and important benefits of blogging for business owners.

Health Insurance companies are a good example of getting higher rankings in search engines. Businesses that regularly blog are more likely to be seen in the search engine. Provide content on topics that customers have searched for the most.

4. Email blog posts

Business owners can provide useful content to their customers via email through blog posts. The more you connect with potential customers, the better your chances of becoming an active customer.

Blogs about beauty products are a good example of this. They encourage their audience and visitors to sign up for newsletters to receive new tips and news.

5. Generate demand by blogging

Businesses need to generate enough demand in the market to be able to sell their products to customers. Businesses often use blogging and content as a channel to announce new products, features and inform customers about their brand. The advantage of this is creating interest in the brand and its products among customers and audiences.

Apple is a good example of generating demand through content delivery. The company releases a iconic software or product every year to excite its brand followers. Steve Jobs started this work. It also continues after him because it was very useful and effective.

6. Post blogs to turn sales leads into customers

There are generally three steps to attracting customers to your business; Awareness, attention and decision. The benefits of blogging can be extended to all three steps. The important point is that all three steps have an effective and equal role in customer conversion.

For example, checklists and tips in a blog post can help attract customers and make them interested in your products or services.

Therefore, Blogging is an important element of the sales leads conversion process.

7. Try blogging to improve your visibility

Sometimes business owners feel it is better to invest more in brand operations and management than in advertising. But how do you get the most out of your business without spending a fortune?

Blogging is the answer. If your blog creates value for users, search engines will choose it. This strategy is a great way for brands to display information about new products and services on their website.

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For example, Tesla adds value to its user community with blogging and the articles it publishes. This is Tesla’s way of spreading awareness about new products and their features.

Try blogging to improve your visibility

8. Blogs and Influencer Marketing

Another benefit of blogging for business owners is that they collaborate with influencers as part of their content marketing strategy.

You can give your products to Influencers. They can write a note about it in their blogs. The key here is to make sure the influencer you choose is admired by your customers.

Using influencer marketing campaigns is one of the major benefits of blogging that is often overlooked by business owners. Start-ups have few followers, so their blog will not have much impact. But influencers have thousands of followers and can grow your business with a simple blog post that reviews your product.

In short, with Influencer Marketing, you gain wider access to your target market.

9. Create backlinks by blogging

Backlinks are a great tool for SEO promotion and one of the major benefits of blogging.

The more and more reputable sites link to your web pages, the better your position will be on Google. Backlinks help to increase the domain and strength of your website and increase its ranking in the search engine.

10. Use blog posts to get feedback

Blogs are easily accessible on a business website and help customers get information about what they like or dislike.

In addition, customers can share their opinions about your products or services with other users or just post their feedback on blog pages.

So, businesses can easily tailor their advertising strategy based on the interaction and feedback they receive in blog posts.


To sum up, the benefits of blogging are not limited to having a blog on your website. If you have enough inbound traffic to your blog, your sales will increase.

In short, not only will people trust you more but they will buy more products from you. So blogging can be a key tool in marketing your business.