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Why Instagram Hashtags Are Important in Content Marketing ?

The Importance of Instagram Hashtags in Content Marketing

How can Instagram hashtag search develop your content marketing?


  • What are your plans for hashtag marketing on social media?

  • What is the importance of hashtags in social networks such as Instagram?

  • Why spend time searching for hashtags on Instagram or Twitter?

In this article, we will answer this question.

Why Instagram Hashtags Are Important in Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing ?

In the article on learning the right keywords to produce content, we realized the importance of keywords in SEO. By understanding this, you will better understand why Instagram hashtag search is so important.

Keywords and hashtags have a lot in common, depending on the platform you work on, and are an important part of any digital marketing strategy.

Producing the right content is the first step. After that, you need to find an audience for this article. Of course, we do not consider every audience and we must attract the right user. In other words, it will not be useful for any reader to reach your point of view without any connection between their needs and your activities.

According to a review, posts with 9 hashtags are about two and a half times better at attracting audiences than posts with only 1 hashtag. As a result, not using the hashtag is never an option and laziness should be put aside! Now, as the number and quality of the hashtags used increase, the effectiveness of the posts will increase.

Social Media Hashtag Marketing

We are not always looking for hashtags and using existing ones, and in some cases, we have to create new ones. Thanks to them, you will come up with newer ideas for content production. If you have not used them to date and have not yet got a good idea about hashtag search, we will provide you with useful information below.

Thanks to them, you can draw a successful strategy for yourself.



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How do hashtags work?

First it is better to examine what a hashtag is. They are actually indexes that are used in social networks to categorize content and posts. Like keywords in the web and search engine optimization (SEO), hashtags, phrases or keywords that users use to reach your business.

On Instagram, they make the process of finding and reaching the desired content easier. Today, you can also use the hashtag in your profile description in the biography section and direct searching users to you.

One of the important features of Instagram is the ability to follow hashtags just like pages.

This way, any post that has a specific hashtag will be displayed to users who follow it, as if they were published by a single account. Of course, it is much harder to convince users to follow a hashtag than with user accounts. Users can follow hashtags and access an unlimited set of posts instead of following your page or pages.
It may seem like the best idea is to choose and use more hashtags with more followers and higher content, just like keywords, by choosing more competitive items, you will narrow the field for your activity. In the article Finding the right keyword for content production, we also mentioned that you should not start with high-competitive keywords and high search volume. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life. The best way is to get good rankings among the less competitive and popular hashtags and then progress from there.

On a hashtag page with 10 million posts, in three minutes, your content will go from 9 new and newly published items to lower and older rankings.

As a result, you do not have much time to pay attention. Of course, in the end, you have to make a connection between the number of posts and the number of followers and searchers of a specific hashtag to get the right result.

For example, the number of users viewing your post in 3 minutes on a particular hashtag page may exceed the number of viewers on another hashtag page in 30 minutes.

However, you should start with the less popular ones.

Types of Hashtags

  • Brand hashtag: This type is used to promote your brand or name. For example, VIRLAN can include #virlan in all of its posts on hashtag-supporting social networks, regardless of content, in addition to writing tags associated with each post.
  • Campaign hashtags: They are used in temporary activities and you are not going to attract users through them forever. However, over a period of time and during a specific campaign, they help you gain an audience for yourself. For example, a store can use #special_discount_spring_2018 in posts related to this campaign.
  • Event hashtag: This type is used to expose itself to a specific user. Like campaigns, it is not surprising to use a special hashtag for events.
  • Location hashtag: They can point to the location of your physical branch, the location of the event, or any other geographical location that is somehow related to the post.
  • Industrial hashtag: The use of this type is clear from its name. They will direct users active in your industry and field of work to you. This type of tag also targets specific audiences.

These are not the only types of tags and the list can be expanded. For example, a phrase, based on a popular movie or book, may have hit the tabs and users may be persuaded to search for it. Of course, using irrelevant tags is never a professional practice, but in some cases it will be effective in getting traffic.

Hashtag search

But how do you search for a hashtag?

First you have to pay attention to the hashtags suggested by Instagram itself. Of course, in these circumstances, the likelihood of receiving an overly public tag and further audience overlap increases. This method is suitable if it is to be found by the general public and is not effective for marketing to a specific audience.

One great way to succeed in any field is to find the right hashtag to use your posts, evaluate how competitors are doing, and especially the best ones in a particular field of work. By doing this, you will find successful hashtags.


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Many web applications and mobile applications have been developed to facilitate hashtag search.

The main advantage of using them is providing information about popularity, search volume, number of followers and number of posts per hashtag. In this way, comparisons can be made between different cases. In your opinion, #car_purchase is the best hashtag, but after reviewing, you will realize that #car_purchase is more useful! These applications can suggest items depending on the tags you have in mind and search for them.

Following the hashtags used on the pages that belong to the best in each field of work is very useful for understanding the hottest topics of the day and finding a way to produce content and post on social networks.

If you have a small business, you will only grow rapidly by entering active and popular business areas.


Finding the right tags is the first step.

The next step is to learn when and how to use them. You must also specify a specific number to use. Facebook and Twitter are fighting to generate spam through the overuse of hashtags. It is not possible to specify a number as the limit of the number of tags to be used in a post or for a page over a period of time, as different numbers may be required depending on the post. In any case, it should not be forgotten that Instagram does not allow users to use more than 30 hashtags per post.
The bigger a brand is, the less it will need to include a large number of tags in its posts on social media. See the image above as an image of a Nike post on Instagram. Here, three hashtags are used, including one tag per person and two tags referring to the names of two movies.

Smaller brands need to be more visible on social media to thrive, so Nike’s strategy to keep their posts clean using the least amount of hashtags is not the answer!


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Another thing to keep in mind when using hashtags is to change their order from one post to another. Like Google, Instagram hates copying, so copying a bunch of tags and using them in all posts in the same way is not a good idea.

Don’t forget about newly created hashtags, only time indicates whether they are working or not. The best way to start is to use fewer tags while increasing the number of posts. In this way, you will be continuously active and eventually you will find the best hashtags.

You should not forget the importance of scheduling.

Creating posts at times when they are most exposed to users will increase the amount of engagement users have with them. The more exposed you are, the better your Instagram algorithm will be to your users and followers following your page. As you know, for years, the order of posts in Instagram feeds is no longer based on time and is determined by several criteria such as how much you link to a page.

Instagram hashtags are not limited to feed posts and should be used in biographies, stories and even comments.

It is possible to hide them while using them in the comments section of the feed posts, so they will not confuse the composition of the posts.
Instagram algorithms are designed to be very logical and fair!

If your posts are very popular, they will get better rankings after being searched and will be displayed higher than the rest. Eventually, your posts will get more likes and comments than the number of main followers on the page!



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Experiment and learn

In the best hashtag search strategy

one of the best practices is constant manipulation and constant optimization. This can be done thanks to Instagram features for business pages. In this social network, you will get good statistics about the number of followers and visits that have been brought to you through hashtags.

By testing hashtags independently, you will find out which tag is more effective than the others over a short period of time. This way you will be able to sort the hashtags used according to their importance. Always keep the following rules in mind:

  • Get to know the characteristics and moods of your target users, such as their age, geographical location and interests
  • Work on social media in parallel with your industry or field of work
  • Find out the hottest topics
  • Find the hashtags that attract the most followers and the most comments
  • Test the effectiveness of using large and small hashtags side by side

But what are the attributes that make a hashtag good? A good tag is not very general and multi-faceted, and at the same time, has a high search volume. It can also get a lot of likes and comments for the pages that publish posts using it. A good tag will be when using it does not make you a spammer and on the other hand, it will make you known as a producer of quality content.

You need to stick to your hashtag search and use strategy.

Send mail within specified time intervals. Do not forget Stemmer. This is not only important in search engine optimization (SEO), but in addition to Google, social networks also value it.

Of course, continuity does not mean having a fixed time interval between publishing two posts during all hours of the day. As we have said, publishing a post will be more beneficial at times when it is more likely to be exposed. For example, at the end of the night, Instagram users’ activity increases dramatically. When a new post is published with a hashtag, it will be displayed on the page with the same hashtag before new posts are published by other pages. Use this to your advantage.

Succeeding at social media and strategies for how to succeed on them, such as how to properly search for hashtags and use them, is a matter of trial and error, so don’t forget to keep going.



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