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How to create great content for Instagram in the shortest time possible

You need to create great content on Instagram in order to be successful in social marketing.

Creating a nice content in the shortest time is a bit of a challenge for many businesses and bloggers.

One of the most important people’s challenges on Instagram is how they can have great content without spending hours thinking and creating one.

For some people, writing is a very simple task, but capturing or selecting the right images is a complex task and requires a lot of effort. On the other hand, there are a number of people who are highly skilled in both writing and searching yet struggling with both.

In this article of Virlan, we want to simplify the content creation process for you. Moreover, we introduce you some great tools for creating attractive content on Instagram in order to increase the engagement.

How to create great content for Instagram in the shortest time possible?

Define your content

It is important to regularly think about the topics that you want to talk about on Instagram. Similarly, identifying them has a great importance.

Choose different content themes based on what helps your target audience, what you specialize in, and what you want to be known for. It is recommended to use three themes to produce content. for example:

A skin care brand:

  • Tips on the skin
  • Behind the scenes
  • Everyday life

Health Instructor:

  • Mindset
  • Time Management
  • Empowerment

A professional wedding photographer:

  • Tips on wedding photography
  • Personal shooting experience
  • Enjoying the moments

Don’t overthink. These titles can be as wide and specific as you like.

Meanwhile, depending on the type of interaction you have with your audience, you can definitely discover their interests. Start your content creation based on what you have perceived. Start with a solid structure and then create content with new themes based on new ideas.

Define your content to create great content

Have a bank of new ideas to create great content

The second point discussed in this article is to create an idea bank. Subsequently, you can record your new ideas any time and anywhere. Then, in better circumstances, think about maturing your ideas and implementing them.

For instance, this document can be a Word file or google doc or you can even create it by a tool like Evernote. The type of document doesn’t matter, your ideas matter the most. These include:

  • conversations with audience:

Email or any means of communication through which you want to talk to your audience about what you want to do.

  • Testimonials (descriptions):

The positive feedback and descriptions you receive.

  • facts and stats:

New facts and statistics you get about your page.

  • Milestones:

Milestones that you will have.

  • Trials/triumphs:

The achievements you make in your business are, in fact, your vision

  • Tools/processes/apps:

The tools, processes, or programs that you like and use.

The Importance of target audience for creating content

Keep in mind that you don’t have to form perfect content ideas. Doing this consistently helps you to have an endless source of ideas for creating great content.

By doing this, you are no longer confused. After that, your challenge is your target audience. Your only concern is to provide useful and informative content to make a greater impact on your target audience. You can do this by using the right and accurate language and tone.

The Importance of target audience for creating content

For example, you have notes about the challenges of your business that you have experienced over the past week. You can now create a post about your experiences and solutions.

In short, half of Instagram users’ concerns are about great ideas. So you can eliminate these problems by creating an updated idea bank.

Categorize your content

We all know this makes perfect sense, but how many times have we really taken the time to create categories for our Instagram content? Certainly not enough.

Many people spend their time searching for an image or suitable caption right before their scheduled time.

Categorizing ideas and using idea banks help you easily create valuable content, captions and hashtags for next days or even next weeks. The secret to creating the right categories is to discover the process that works for you.

In conclusion, there is no right or wrong way. The process of categorization depends entirely on your preferences. To achieve your goal, it should be optimized on a regular basis.

How to Categorize images to create great content

Take an afternoon to take pictures of yourself, your place and your products. Mark it on your calendar and do it on a regular basis to create an image bank. Moreover, you can use a reminder to create or share your Instagram content.

How to Categorize images to create great content

Suggested tools to accelerate content creation 

  • Google Docs : This tool is used to create an idea bank.
  • Canva : A professional tool used to create professional graphic works.
  • Instasize: You can use this tool to resize Twitter statuses for Instagram.
  • Mojo : This tool is to engage more audiences with Instagram stories
  • VSCO  : This tool is one of the best tools for editing images.
  • Smartphone : You can also use this wonderful tool to take high quality photos.

In other words, you can multiply the speed of your content creation with these tools.

Create your content template using canva

Like the videos and images you share on your Instagram, other graphic elements such as infographics, text, or quotes may be part of your content strategy. If you want to design all of them with Photoshop and other professional computer programs, it will take you a lot of time.

To speed up the design process, you can pre-create a set of templates with canva, and change only the text and image when publishing. There are two benefits to doing this:

In the first place, this will force you to think about main issues more than ever. Secondly, by having an overview of your graphics, you’ll also have clearer view of your brand.

Create your content template using canva

This is essential if you want to meet the expectations and needs of your target audience and focus on brand awareness. The types of content templates you can create are:

  • Top educational tips
  • Words of wisdom
  • Step-by-step steps to get the job done
  • quotes
  • User comments

Designing these items in advance does not require much planning, but once done, you can easily create great content on Instagram.

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Use great content that you have already shared elsewhere

The good news for you is that you don’t need an endless source of new ideas. On the other hand, you can sometimes use and republish old content.

This means that the goal is not for you to work harder, but to work smarter.

If you are a blogger, or design weekly emails, prepare Facebook posts, or write scripts for podcasts or YouTube videos, you are actually a great source of Instagram content. You can turn a text blog into carousel images, or you can even publish a text blog in the form of several independent video/image posts.

Use content that you have already shared elsewhere

The same short, single-line text you send in weekly emails can be converted to a graphic text post. You can publish the YouTube scripts you wrote as a short 5-minute tutorial in the form of a post or story. You can and should use your content over and over again on different platforms.

You are not being lazy by doing this, but it is a kind of smart marketing.

Republishing in different platforms

To begin with, repeating your content over a period of time reinforces your brand message. People need to see the same message at least 7 times to really understand it, and another important point is that not all people are always active on different platforms. The fact that you made a great motivational or educational point in your last email is not a reason not to share it on your Instagram.

you may have audiences who check their emails every hour but check other social networks once a week, or vice versa. So for more impact, share your content across multiple platforms. By doing this, you will be able to create great content for your Instagram in no time.

Don’t be afraid to republish your old content

Meanwhile, take a look at what you have shared over the last 3 to 6 months and ask the following questions about yourself.

  • Was there any good caption which I can turn into a graphic post?
  • Which one of users’ comments can I use to create great content with?
  • Is it possible to combine some of the posts and publish them as carousel images?
  • Which of the following posts can turn into Instagram stories or a series of videos?

Above all, your Instagram followers will not notice the republishing. So don’t worry about that.

Share Posts From the Instagram Feed to your Stories

Right now, your latest Instagram post can turn into at least two to three Instagram stories. For example, take a look at your latest Instagram post. Consider that you are going to turn this post into three stories. You can use you creativity to republish it in the best way possible. Here are some interesting ideas for story:

Share Posts From the Instagram Feed to your Stories

Ideas for Instagram Story

Story Idea (Plan 1)

1: Do you want to know one of the most important factors in creating attractive stories on Instagram?

2: Which one is more appealing to you?

A) Telling a story

B) Sharing beautiful images

3: You may be surprised, but the choice of most people is option A. Why is it so important to tell a story?

4: Your story is like a book or a movie. If your story does not have a good beginning, middle and end, people will lose interest and will not follow you.

5: Let’s go through the phases step by step.

6: Start your story with an interesting point so that people have a reason to continue watching.

7: Share your points, summarize the story and give examples.

8: You can constantly look at the audience engagement in your story. 

9: That’s it. Was it useful for you? You can express your opinions.

story plan on Instagram

Story Idea (Plan 2)

1: Today I thought of sharing a short and quick tutorial on how to create great Instagram stories.

2: By the end of these 6 tips, you can create Instagram stories that attract your audence.

3: Tip 1 – Plan

4: Tip 2 – Tell a Story

5: Tip 3 – Tags

6: Tip 4 – Add Suggested Value

7: Tip 5 – Subtitle

8: Tip 6 – Short and Sweet

9: How do you feel about creating your next Instagram story?

Story Idea (Plan 3)

1: We want to talk about why you should be in Instagram stories.

2: The stories are not boring. This is where your customers and audience spend most of their time.

3: If you do not believe it, answer this question. What is the first thing you do when you open your Instagram app?

4: Exactly

5: Just like you, your customers start their Instagram activity by watching the stories. So you have to be there.

6: But How Can I Do It Convincingly? Here are 6 handy tips for creating great stories.

7: Share the main post of the feed in the story and encourage the audience to click on them and review.


By learning and mastering content creation on Instagram in the shortest possible time, you have everything planned out before you really sit down and start.

To sum up, using this article simplifies the process of content creation and increases the audience engagement. By following these simple tips, you will no longer be confused and you already know your content creation plan.