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Roadhog Set For Major Overwatch 2 Rework

The release of Overwatch 2 is right around the corner, and Blizzard is planning some major changes for the sequel. One hero in particular set for a fairly significant rework is Roadhog.

Roadhog has been a mainstay tank hero since the original Overwatch launched, known for his high survivability and hook-and-shotgun combo. However, Blizzard aims to shift Roadhog into more of a disrupter role in Overwatch 2 that focuses on area denial.

Details of Roadhog’s Overwatch 2 Rebalance

Roadhog’s signature hook ability is getting some adjustments in Overwatch 2. While the range remains the same, the cooldown is getting increased from 8 to 10 seconds. This is to discourage Roadhog from mindlessly spamming hooks.

Blizzard is also shortening the stun duration after a successful hook to give victims a better chance of escaping follow-up damage. The self-heal from Roadhog’s Take a Breather ability is being lowered slightly.


Arguably the biggest change is that Roadhog’s scrap gun primary fire is transforming into a spread fire similar to a shotgun. This will make the ability more effective at close range, but damage will fall off faster at longer distances.

Overall, the goal of these Roadhog adjustments is to shift him away from being a flanking “assassin” tank and more toward being a disruptive front line presence. However, many Roadhog players are displeased with the changes, fearing their favorite character will play very differently.

While the rework aims to make Roadhog a better team player in Overwatch 2, only time will tell how successful the changes are and if they achieve the developers’ intentions. But one thing is for sure – Roadhog will feel quite different for long-time players when the sequel launches.


Roadhog players


• Roadhog players tend to value his high sustain and “one-shot” potential through his hook combo. They enjoy flanking enemies and isolating soft targets.

• Many Roadhog players have a more independent playstyle and don’t naturally gravitate towards supporting the team. They prefer to play more aggressively and get solo picks.

• Roadhog’s self-sustain through his healing ability allows players to play more recklessly and independently. They don’t have to rely on a healer as much.

• The “hog cycle” is a popular technique among Roadhog players where they use the hook ability aggressively to secure kills and refill their heal ability, then repeat the process.

• Some Roadhog players have criticized the hero rework plans, feeling that the changes will make him less fun to play and reward a more passive playstyle.

• Others welcome the shift to emphasize area denial and disruption over flanking and securing solo kills. They see potential for Roadhog to be a more valuable tank with a well-defined role on the team.

• In general, Roadhog players tend to value his autonomy, self-sustain and “one-shot” playmaking potential over the supportive and defensive role of a traditional main tank.

• The Overwatch 2 rework aims to take Roadhog’s strengths and funnel them into a more team-oriented role, though only time will tell if this succeeds in satisfying both Roadhog players and the developer’s intentions for the new game.

In summary, many Roadhog players currently enjoy playing him as an aggressive bruiser flanker who can isolate enemies and secure solo kills. The Overwatch 2 changes aim to shift him more towards an area-denying disruptor role, which some Roadhog players welcome and others fear will make the hero less fun.

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What changes is Roadhog getting in Overwatch 2?

Roadhog is getting changes to his hook, Take a Breather self-heal and primary fire damage. His hook cooldown is increased while stun duration is decreased. Self-heal is slightly lowered and his primary fire is transforming into a more shotgun-like spread.

What is the goal of Roadhog’s rework?

The goal is to shift Roadhog away from a flanking “assassin” role and toward a more disruptive front line presence that focuses on area denial through his abilities.

How are Roadhog players reacting to the changes?

Many Roadhog players are displeased, fearing the changes will make the hero less fun and reward a more passive playstyle. Others welcome the shift to emphasize disruption over flanking and securing solo kills.

Is the chain hook duration being changed?

No, the range of Roadhog’s hook ability remains the same in Overwatch 2. Only the cooldown is increasing from 8 to 10 seconds to discourage spamming hooks.

How is Roadhog’s primary fire damage changing?

Roadhog’s primary fire is transforming into more of a shotgun-like spread, making it more effective at close range but damage will fall off faster at longer distances.

What technique do some Roadhog players use currently?

The “hog cycle” is a popular technique where Roadhog players use his hook aggressively to secure kills and refill his self-heal ability, then repeat the process.

Overwatch 2

• Overwatch 2 is the upcoming sequel to the hit 2016 team-based shooter Overwatch by developer Blizzard Entertainment.

• The game is shifting to a 5v5 format from 6v6, with one tank player on each team instead of two. Many heroes are getting reworked to fit the new format.

• Overwatch 2 will feature a revamped progression and battle pass system, with new ways to earn in-game customization items and cosmetics. Loot boxes are being phased out.

• A new single-player and co-op story mode called the PvE campaign is being added, taking place after the events of the first game. It will feature new missions and characters.

• Several new heroes and maps are being added in Overwatch 2, providing more variety and strategic options. However, PvP content will remain compatible between the two games.

• Overwatch 2 is planned to be a free-to-play game supported by optional purchases. Players who own the first Overwatch will receive immediate access and special bonuses.

• The game’s release was originally planned for late 2021 or early 2022 but has been delayed multiple times. The current window is for a release sometime in 2023.

• In addition to the PvP and PvE modes, Overwatch 2 is introducing a new Push game type where both teams try to move a robot payload toward the enemy base and capture designated areas.

• Overall, Overwatch 2 aims to build upon the foundations and gameplay of the original with significant new features, heroes, modes and story content – while keeping the PvP multiplayer aspect fresh for existing Overwatch players.

Hope this overview of key details about Overwatch 2 provides a useful summary! Let me know if you have any other questions.