Who is Sojourn in Overwatch 2

Who is Sojourn in Overwatch 2? What Role Does He Have? What About His Weapons?

Sojourn is ready to deploy. As a former Overwatch 2 Captain, Sojourn fields abilities designed to plan, lead, and execute strikes on her opposition.

Who is Sojourn in Overwatch 2?

The 33rd Hero on the roster, Sojourn offers a unique mid-range gameplay experience and a kit packed with some incredible mobility and artillery. Senior Hero Designer Josh Noh has been leading the charge on her gameplay development, while Narrative Designer Miranda Moyer wrote many of Sojourn’s in-game voice lines. They’re both here to give us insight into her conceptualization and play style.

What role is Sojourn in Overwatch 2?

Getting into more technical details, Sojourn is a mid-range damage hero with mobility and anti-flank potential. The details of her abilities were revealed in a gameplay trailer and accompanying graphic, both of which show exactly how she’ll work in Overwatch 2.

Sojourn’s signature weapon is a railgun that shoots rapid-fire projectiles, each of which generates energy on impact. Her gun also has a secondary fire that shoots a “high-impact shot.” This shot consumes all the energy she stored through her primary fire.

Sojourn also comes with some exciting abilities. Power Slide is a mobility ability that allows her to slide across the ground. Canceling the slide turns it into a high jump similar to Baptiste that gives her brief aerial potential. Disruptor Shot launches an energy shot that both slows enemies within its area of effect and damages them. Her ultimate ability, Overclock, charges her railgun automatically for a short period of time and makes charged shots pierce enemies, enabling her to potentially hit more than one enemy at a time.

Sojourn will definitely be one of the most popular picks when she arrives with Overwatch 2’s beta. Players will have to wait until then to try out her abilities for the first time and see how she does against the franchise’s returning cast.

Sojourn Kit in Overwatch 2


The Railgun’s primary fire is a rapid projectile that generates energy on hit. The energy Sojourn generates from her primary charges up her secondary, which is a high-impact shot that consumes the stored energy. “The Railgun is where Sojourn started,” says Noh. “We wanted to make a mid-range hero that rewards accuracy, but still make it fun for varying levels of skill and gameplay.” Sojourn can be a difficult hero to play—the more accurate your aim, the more effective you’re going to be with her Railgun, resulting in a high skill ceiling with a lot of power weighted in her Railgun’s secondary fire.

Disruptor Shot

Disruptor Shot is an AOE ability that will snare enemies and eat away at their health. Sojourn can use this to increase the effectiveness of her Railgun. Early prototypes of this ability did massive damage to barriers, but the ability was finalized to complement her secondary fire. “Disrupter Shot evolved from shredding barriers to slowing enemies down with a snare that allows Sojourn to get an easier shot with her secondary fire.”

Power Slide

Sojourn’s Power Slide adds remarkable mobility to her kit. It’s a rocket-powered slide that can be cancelled into a high leap at any time by jumping. Utilize this ability correctly and you’ll be able to quickly reposition Sojourn. “We wanted to add a vertical element to her kit to enable her to quickly access high-ground vantage points and help solidify her role as a mobile damage hero,” says Noh.

Overclock (Ultimate)

Sojourn’s Ultimate ability automatically charges her Railgun’s energy for a short duration and allows her shots to pierce enemies.

Overclock is another example of how mechanical skill and accuracy is greatly rewarded with Sojourn’s kit. When she activates her ultimate, her Railgun’s secondary fire will enable her to quickly eliminate enemies with high-powered shots. “We wanted it to feel almost like the hitscan version of a Genji Dragon Blade,” says Noh. “You will have a limited time to make a big play… or you could miss all your shots.”

Sojourn Hero Analysis in Overwatch 2

In many ways, Sojourn brings back what Overwatch 2 was at its core. Before the release of heroes like Brigitte and Wrecking Ball, Overwatch had a decent amount of focus on aim. Sojourn brings back that feel with similarities to Soldier 76 but still vastly different from the original hero.

The railgun is one of the most potent abilities in Overwatch and a fully-charged one can kill enemies from full HP with a headshot.

Overclock makes her output insane amounts of damage and for many opponents, Overclock is when you go into hiding. Sojourn brings the focus back on movement, positioning and aim in Overwatch, things that made Overwatch fun in the first place.

Sojourn’s abilities make her very mobile & she can play from wider angles and quickly move in and out of teamfights. She can also help control the teamfights, since in 5v5 meta, there is only one tank and DPS heroes will do more damage.

The Overwatch League 2022 will kick off on May 5 and will be played on the Overwatch 2 beta. As Overwatch fans all over the world watch the ‘new’ version of their game, Sojourn will be one of the most popular heroes in OW2.

Is Sojourn coming to Overwatch?

Overwatch 2’s first new hero, Sojourn, will bring a railgun, Canadian representation, and the game’s first playable Black woman hero to the game.

What is sojourn abilities in Overwatch?

As a former Overwatch Captain, Sojourn fields abilities designed to plan, lead, and execute strikes on her opposition.

What role is sojourn?

Sojourn is a former captain of Overwatch. She is an upcoming hero to be released with Overwatch 2.

Will every character from Overwatch be in Overwatch 2?

Taking a cue from Smash Ultimate, everyone is back in Overwatch 2! That’s right, every single character, new and old, will transfer right into the sequel.

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