How to get into Overwatch 2 beta

How to get into Overwatch 2 beta? How to access it? How to sign up for?

Overwatch 2 beta is almost here and in the build-up to its release, Blizzard developers have revealed tons of new information about reworked heroes and how they were originally modified for the sequel.

How to get into Overwatch 2 beta

Overwatch heroes rally behind a large robot slowly pushing a huge device up a hill.
“Push” is a new game type coming in Overwatch 2. Players will see it during the first beta test this week. 
Overwatch 2 beta begins on Tuesday, April 26. It’s a closed beta, which means players get in by invitation only, and they’ve been signing up for access since March 10. Blizzard is still taking requests, if you haven’t gotten yours in yet, by the way.

The beta test is the first stage of what will be a multi-step launch for the sequel to Blizzard Entertainment’s 2016 hero shooter. Blizzard last month announced that it was “decoupling” the game’s PvP and first-ever PvE modes in order to get the game onto players’ screens sooner.


The first closed beta is a Windows PC-only test and players will need to own a copy of Overwatch on PC to participate. They’ll access the Overwatch 2 beta client through — which can report PC specifications back to Blizzard. PC specs are one area Blizzard will evaluate when sending out invitations.

How to sign up for the Overwatch 2 closed beta

Signing up for the Overwatch 2 closed betas is easy. First, head over to the Overwatch website (or click the link here), and make sure you’re logged into your account. Once that’s done, scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on the big blue button labeled “Sign Up Now.”

Registering your interest doesn’t guarantee you access to the beta, but it is your best shot at taking part in the upcoming test.

What’s included in the Overwatch 2 closed beta

Anyone who manages to get into the Overwatch 2 closed beta arriving in late April will be treated to a suite of new content that the game’s developers have been talking up over the course of the last year.

First and foremost, players will be able to try out Overwatch’s newest hero, Sojourn, a railgun-wielding soldier. All we know about the character so far is that she’s one of the new heroes coming in Overwatch 2, leaving her abilities a total mystery.

Along with Sojourn, players will be able to try out Overwatch 2‘s four new maps, its new Push game mode, and new ping system. A good number of hero reworks that change how Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion, and Sombra play will also be available.

Regardless of what game mode players choose, or what heroes they pick, every game in Overwatch 2’s closed beta will have two fewer players than in the original game. In its most sweeping change, Overwatch 2 will change the game’s format from two teams of six to two teams of five, and players will be able to try the new system in the game’s closed beta.


Sojourn, for starters. She is the newest hero joining the Overwatch canon. Sojourn is the first playable Black woman on the game’s roster, and she packs a railgun with both rapid-fire and charged-fire capabilities. Her Overclock ultimate keeps her weapon auto-charged for a short duration, and charged up shots will go through multiple enemies.

Players will also see a ping system to call out tactical items and areas, reworks of current heroes Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion, and Sombra, and four new maps: Circuit Royal, Midtown, Toronto (Sojourn is from Canada), and Rome. Maps from the first Overwatch will also be playable.

Who Are Overwatch 2 Beta Heros?

Blizzard talked more about the ongoing alpha during a developer livestream today. We learned a little more about upcoming hero reworks and what exactly will be April Overwatch 2 beta. Details are still pretty light, but here’s what beta players can look forward to:

New hero: Sojourn, a Canadian (so she’s automatically my favorite) with an armored parka and a railgun.
New mode: Push – Teams battle to take control of a robot that begins in a central location on a symmetrical map, then push it toward the enemy base. Either team may take control of the robot at any time. The team that pushes the robot furthest onto the enemy side wins the game.
Four new maps: Circuit Royal (Escort), Midtown (Hybrid), New Queen Street (Push), and Colosseo (Push)
Hero Reworks: Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion, and Sombra
New Ping System
Also, Doomfist is apparently a tank now. Certified, even.

How Does Overwatch 2 Beta work?

Overwatch 2 beta starts on April 26 and is scheduled to run until May 17 (this may change depending on testing needs). There will be more betas, so please don’t be too bummed if you miss out this time. Everyone will get a chance to play Overwatch 2 eventually.

Beta access will start rolling out at 2PM ET tomorrow. Most players selected for the first beta should gain access on April 26. However, Blizzard may invite more people later in the beta period.

If you’re selected to take part in the beta but you somehow don’t already own a copy of Overwatch, you’ll be able to download and install a free trial version while the beta’s live.

The first Overwatch 2 beta will only be available in the following regions:

North America
Latin America/Brazil
Australia/New Zealand
Southeast Asia

The PVP beta will have full US English support and limited support for other languages. Team 4 is working on full localization, but some text and audio might still appear in English during this beta.

You’ll be allowed to stream gameplay from the Overwatch 2 PVP beta and create other content from it, as long as you abide by the terms of service. None of your progress will carry over to the full game, in part because things are likely to change quite a bit before the official release.

Some features that you’ll be used to won’t be present in this first beta, such as profiles and endorsements. There won’t be a ranked/competitive mode during the beta, and it seems some of the maps won’t be available either. All the heroes should be selectable though, including newcomer Sojourn.

Overwatch 2’s Sojourn Is A Blast 

One aspect of the Overwatch 2 PVP beta that players are most excited about is the chance to play as the franchise’s first new hero in two years, Sojourn. Her Railgun packs a punch and she’s capable of swiftly taking out most enemies. Landing shots with her primary fire (rapid-fire projectiles) builds up energy that can be released with a right click.

There’s no cooldown for the alt fire, but you’ll need at least some stored energy to use it. Both the primary and secondary fire are capable of headshots. In other words, the potential is there for Sojourn to he a highly effective damage dealer.

Her E ability is the Disruptor Shot, which is an area-of-effect projectile that both damages and slows enemies caught in its grasp. This felt a bit overpowered to me during the early stages of the alpha.

As for Sojourn’s Ultimate, Overclock, that should be absolutely devastating for those who can find the right positioning. Not only does the Railgun’s energy charge automatically and quickly, it pierces enemies. So if you can line a few up, you might be able to take them out with a single click.

Most importantly, she’s the first playable Black woman in the six-year history of Overwatch 2 beta. Sojourn has been a long time coming and there are some understandable reasons as to why players have had to wait.

Sojourn’s finally here — at least for those of us who are in Overwatch 2 beta. She makes the entire cast feel more diverse and inclusive. The fact that she’s a blast to play with is the icing on the cake.

How long is the Overwatch 2 beta?

The beta starts on April 26 and is scheduled to run until May 17 (this may change depending on testing needs). There will be more betas, so please don’t be too bummed if you miss out this time. Everyone will get a chance to play Overwatch 2 eventually.

Is Overwatch 2 beta open?

The beta will run from April 26 at 11 a.m. PDT (2 p.m. EDT) through May 17, with time and date subject to change, Blizzard said. Additionally, players may stream their gameplay.

What time does the Overwatch 2 beta come out?

The official Overwatch Twitter account has confirmed the Overwatch 2 beta will begin at 11am pacific time / 2pm eastern / 7pm UK time on Tuesday April 26 which is when beta invites will begin to be sent out via email.

Will Overwatch 2 be free?

This could mean that players pay for the battle pass but not the game, as is the case with other live-service titles like Call of Duty Warzone. To find out more about the game, you can check our guide on Overwatch 2 release date, trailers, characters, and more.

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