Valorant Vandal RGX Skin, The Weapons & Updates

Valorant Vandal RGX Skin, The Weapons & Updates + Everything About RGX 11Z Pro 2.0 Bundle

The Valorant RGX 11Z Pro Vandal is part of a new skin collection with a release date of Oct 6th 2021. The set includes a sword melee weapon, frenzy pistol, stinger, guardian and vandal. Each Valorant skins comes with three variants in red, blue and yellow, and also have LEDs which change into four colours. The skins have a modern design of bare metal and green tones.

About Valorant Vandal RGX

The Vandal is a fully automatic rifle that sits at 2,900 Credits. It is the counterpart to the Phantom and is unique for its high DPS at any range. It has the ability to kill opponents with one shot to the head. Like other rifles, one can aim down the sights (ADS) to reduce spread at the cost of fire rate.

The fully-automatic Vandal sacrifices higher spread and recoil for a linear damage range; regardless of distance, it will always kill in five shots to the legs, four to the body and one shot to the head.

Due to its hefty price, the Vandal is mostly seen in gun rounds (rounds where both teams have money). The Vandal’s ADS can be used to hold down a site by reducing the recoil and spread of the weapon, and can be combined with the extreme damage at range the Vandal can output.

Weapon Models For Valorant Vandle RGX

Weapon models contain colored lights that can have their colors changed once they have been upgraded enough:

  • Standard colors are Green, Blue, White, and Yellow
  • Red variant colors are Red, Orange, Purple, and White
  • Blue variant colors are Blue, Purple, White, and Yellow
  • Yellow variant colors are Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Teal

Upgrades for Valorant Vandle RGX

Upgrade Level Effects
Animation Level 2
New model VFX: Blade now extends further
New equip animation and SFX
New inspect aniamtion and SFX
Inspecting will change the colors of the blade’s lights
New slash animation and SFX
VFX Level 2
New model VFX:
Colored lights within the gun turned on
Inside of the gun contains moving parts
New muzzle flash + gunfire VFX and SFX
Animation Level 3
New equip SFX
New inspect SFX
Inspecting will change the colors of the gun’s lights
New gunfire animation: Inner parts rotate faster when firing
New reload SFX
Unique hit markers: Leave colored marks that match the current color of the gun’s colored lights
Finisher Level 4
Victim trapped between three electric pillars before exploding, leaving a holographic outline of their silhouette behind
Kill Counter Level 5
New model VFX: Adds a kill counter on the gun keeping track of the user’s kills that game
Getting the last kill in a round briefly changes this counter to display “EZ” before next buy phase begins

RGX 11z Pro 2 leaked by Valorant insiders

Bringing PC gaming aesthetics to the guns, the RGX bundle was a massive hit when it launched in October 2021. Being an exclusive tier bundle, RGX is one of the most expensive skins collections in the game, boasting all the bells and whistles you can expect from an 8700 VP priced bundle.

Everything to know about the VALORANT RGX 11Z Pro 2.0 bundle

The RGX 11Z Pro weapon skins quickly grew in popularity after releasing in October 2021 with VALORANT pros and streamers using them for their own knives and Vandals. Now, a continuation of the RGX bundle has been leaked that would seem to feature more guns and a butterfly knife and would release in the near future.

The original RGX bundle consisted of a Vandal, Frenzy, Guardian, Stinger, and an extendable blade as the knife. This futuristic bundle has a mechanical feel to it all while being available in a series of bright colors like green, blue, red, and yellow. Additionally, the guns will display the number of kills the player holding it currently has on the back.

For the upcoming RGX 2.0 bundle, the weapon skins covered will include the Phantom, Operator as well as a butterfly knife. There could be more guns that are given the RGX treatment but those were not included in the initial leak. VALORANT has produced two butterfly knives in the past including the Recon butterfly knife, as well as the Yoru comb-inspired knife meaning the RGX one would be the third butterfly knife to date. Includes Phantom, Operator, and a Butterfly Knife Melee.

The price for the upcoming RGX 2.0 bundle will likely match the previous version at 8,700 VALORANT Points for the entire collection. Each RGX skin is a legendary tier, meaning it is the highest price point out of the skins available. As always, players can save money by purchasing the bundle rather than buying the guns individually.

As for the release date for the RGX 2.0, there is no set date yet. VALORANT recently released the Doodle Buds, which will remain as the featured bundle in the shop for the next eight days. It is likely the RGX 2.0 bundle will arrive when that bundle leaves the shop, but nothing has been confirmed.

How much VP does Rgx vandal cost?

The RGX 11Z Pro bundle will cost a total of 8,700 VP and will include the following: RGX 11Z Pro Blade. RGX 11Z Pro Vandal.

How much Valorant points does Rgx vandal cost?

The upcoming RGX 11Z PRO weapon skin bundle is a Premium Edition (PE) Tier skin bundle, which means the entire bundle will cost 8700 Valorant Points (VP).

What is Rgx?

RGX was a body spray owned by Dial Corporation and launched in January 2007. The product was an attempt by Dial to break into the body spray market, currently dominated by AXE and Tag, through a marketing strategy directed at older men.

Can you still get the Elderflame vandal?

Upgradable skin from the store that is purchasable in-game for 2,475 Valorant Points. The skin for each of the weapons, including Vandal has some unique visual finish or animation effects, but it does not affect the gameplay. The skin is available since July 9, 2020.

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