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How to get power pass Lost Ark: Everything you need to know! 

So, just like many players you also want to know how to get power pass Lost Ark and why would you not? It is a highly demanded element that can actually boost your game’s progress in a jiffy.

Unlike any other major MMORPG, Lost Ark puts in a special effort to make sure that each player plays around with multiple characters indirectly (and smartly) increasing the time each of them spends on the game.

But the developers of the game, Tripod Studio and Smilegate also understand that upgrading each of these characters is too tedious for even a pro gamer to do. What about it then? Read the blog and you will understand what do we mean.

What is a power pass?

All those who have recently begun playing Lost Ark start the game with a big fear of upgrading each of the multiple characters they own.

Upgrading a character takes a huge amount of effort as you need to farm for several currencies like gold, silver, pirate coins etc,  complete various quests and god knows what not. And if that was to be done with each and every character, most players would simply shut of the game and move on to another, less complex (well, the wrong choice of words), but at least less time-wasting game.

But, there is always a but. The makers of the game clearly knew about it and hence added the infamous “power pass”. The power pass is an extremely rare and priceless commodity that will take one character that you choose to level fifty (max level).

How does the power pass Lost Ark work?

As magical as it sounds, power pass isn’t an enchanted potion that a character drinks and they reach level fifty.

Once you are done with activating the power pass, the character you have chosen will unlock the “Adventurer’s Path”. This adventure path is an extremely compressed form of the story as told by the non-playable character Beatrice.

The best thing about this journey is that you will not lose out on the basics of the character because the adventurer’s path teaches you everything while going through it, including the key moments of the story.

So that you do not look like a stupid gamer who has used their big bucks to max their character but does not know how to actually play the game

Upon going through the Adventurer’s path, players will find that their chosen character will now be equipped with level fifty and  gear appropriate for endgame Vern content

In order to get the power pass the game should be online, right? You can use tools like to find the server status of Lost Ark and other games.

How to get power pass Lost Ark

We are sure that if you have read your way till here you are more than tempted to get what we have described.

Worry not, we won’t keep you away from your maxing out your character or is it more than one character we were talking about till now? Actually, you can get up to two power passes in the game.

First things first, we should be clear that getting the first power pass is a fairly simple deal that can get fairly hard and time-consuming. Because, let’s be honest, you guys are playing an MMORPG which has the word MASSIVE in its name and it is there for a reason. So, you will have to earn your first power pass.

But the catch is, achieving your second power pass is both simple and easy. To be honest, the second one is just a free super duper bonanza. But how exactly? Here we go.

There are two ways a power pass can be obtained in Lost Ark:

  1. The first one is by completing the game’s main quest that you end with the final mission that is, the “Ealyn’s Gift” in the North Vern. (Players will encounter the Ealyn’s Gift quest chain around level 50)

Once you complete the main quest, you are technically done. If you check your in-game mailbox, you will see that the game has sent you a Power Pass token.

  1. Once you have used your first power pass by upgrading one of your characters you will find the other (second and the free one) in the same in-game mailbox which you can use in the same way to level up another one of your characters.

PS- We suggest that you keep both power passes for a little while before using them, no matter how much you crave it. It’s for your own goodness.

Analyse your gameplay and items in your purse to see in which class should you spend these power bonuses.

It is extremely critical to spend a thought because these two are the only power passes you are going to get in the entire course of the game. Why you ask? Because that’s how the game is designed, guys.

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How to use power pass Lost Ark

After all the things, we have finally come down to the most important part 😛 Using a power pass is a fairly straightforward thing to do and you won’t have to long for your fully levelled-up characters for long once you have figured out how to get power pass lost ark.

  1. Firstly and obviously you will have to select your region and world.
  2. From that tab, you will have to go to the character select screen.
  3. All the characters that are eligible to use the power pass will have a “Power Pass Available” message in a pretty little yellow box.
  4. To apply for the power pass, click the yellow Power Pass button next to your chosen character.
  5. Players will have to complete the “Adventurer’s Path” quest, which encompasses all the levels from ten to level fifty.

And once the players are done with these characters’ adventurer’s path quest the game will automatically equip your character with all of the gear and up the level to 50.

Benefits of using power pass lost ark

How to get power pass lost ark is one hell of a ride in the game, but they are absolutely worth it if used properly.

The two power passes that players get from the in-game mailboxes after completing the main quest of the game are going to play an extremely crucial part if you are going to continue the game (Let us not kid, no one is going to be able to leave this game this quick).

These power passes will save each one of you an immense amount of time. Not all of us are professional streamers who get paid to play these games and hence it helps in cutting down the time consumption.

Both the passes are an amazing way to try and understand the game’s other classes which let us explore the entirety of this MMORPG.

Once you are done with the main quest and have maxed out three classes in Lost Ark. you could have all three types: Tank, Support and DPS on level 50.

Are power passes available to buy?

Even though Lost Ark has a cash shop where you can buy multiple elements of the game, Power Passes aren’t available at the shop.