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What time does Pokémon Go Fest 2022 start? How to Buy a Fest Ticket?

DO THIS Before GO Fest This Weekend!

Pokémon GO Fest is right around the corner, so here are a few very important tips to get you prepared for the biggest Pokémon GO event of the year! 

What time does Pokémon Go Fest 2022 start?

This weekend, trainers around the world will descend into the world of Pokémon once again for Pokémon Go Fest 2022, which takes place from June 4 to 5.

The event weekend is held globally, which means that players around the world will be playing while others are still waiting for their time zone’s event. Only players who buy a ticket will have access to the entire event on Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5. The ticket also includes a finale that will take place on Aug. 27.

Each day, Pokémon Go Fest will begin at 10am local time and conclude at 6pm. Those who purchased a ticket will have access to Special Research that will lead to Shaymin, special Insence Pokémon that only spawn for those who purchased a ticket, and some bonuses such as an increased chance to find a Shiny Pokémon and worldwide bonuses that are unlocked by completing challenges throughout the day.

Unlike the in-person events in Berlin, Seattle, and Sapporo, Japan, this weekend, anyone from around the world can purchase a ticket to play in the event. Tickets cost $14.99 and will include this weekend’s event and the finale. The finale ticket can be purchased separately at a later date if you miss the June Go Fest, and it will cost $10.99.

There is fun to be had for everyone, regardless of whether players buy a ticket. Those who don’t have a ticket this weekend will still see the rotating habitat that will contain different Pokémon each hour, they will still be able to participate in the Global Challenge Arena on June 5, and there will be a free Special Research on that day too.

How to Buy a Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Ticket

Pokemon GO Fest 2022 tickets are now available in the in-game shop for $14.99.

  • In the in-game shop, tap the Pokemon GO Fest 2022 image.
  • Tap the Buy button.
  • You’ll then see a pop-up indicating that you’ve received a ticket for Pokemon GO Fest 2022.
  • After you tap OK, you can find the ticket in your Item Bag.
  • A few days before the event, you’ll receive a medal. When you log in during event hours on Saturday, June 4, 2022, or Sunday, June 5, 2022, you’ll receive access to the Pokemon GO Fest 2022 experience. Please note: you must log in during event hours on both Saturday and Sunday to claim each day’s Special Research story.

After you’ve claimed each Special Research story, you can complete it at any time.

Pokémon Go Fest 2022 Rare Catches

Happy Pokémon Go Fest, trainers! We have two long days of catching Pokémon in front of us. To be a part of this festival, you need to buy the ticket in the in-game item shop for $14.99.

As we complete research challenges that lead to a mythical encounter with Shaymin, we’ll want to be on the lookout for three Pokémon who are leaving their regions and will only be here for the two days. Those Pokémon are: Tropius, Torkoal, and Galarian Mr. Mime. We’ll need to use incense to lure all of them out when they appear in their habitats.

As the Fest unfolds, each hour brings a different habitat with different Pokémon to catch. Many can be the rare shiny variant. Here’s what you will find in each, along with the shiny opportunities:

Magnemite (shiny)
Costumed Pikachu (shiny, harder to find)
Galarian Weezing (shiny, harder to find)
Alolan Grimer (shiny)
Hitmonchan (shiny)
Baltoy (shiny)
Trash Cloak Burmy (shiny)
Bronzor (shiny)
Pidove (shiny)
Trubbish (shiny)

Girafarig (shiny)
Dunsparce (shiny)
Larvitar (shiny)
Numel (shiny)
Torkoal (hard to find, MUST USE INCENSE)
Trapinch (shiny)
Buizel (shiny)
Costumed Pikachu (shiny, hard to find)
Axew (shiny, hard to find)
Patrat (shiny)
Shelmet (shiny)
Rufflet (shiny)
Litleo (shiny)

Rain Forest
Mudkip (shiny)
Seedot (shiny)
Tropius (hard to find, MUST USE INCENSE)
Shroomish (shiny)
Slakoth (shiny)
Turtwig (shiny)
Costumed Pikachu (shiny, hard to find)
Pancham (hard to find)
Chimchar (shiny)
Karrablast (shiny)
Binacle (shiny)

Omanyte (shiny)
Swinub (shiny)
Wingull (shiny)
Meditite (shiny)
Wailmer (shiny)
Spheal (shiny)
Galarian Mr. Mime (MUST USE INCENSE, complete research task)
Piplup (shiny)
Cubchoo (shiny)
Costumed Pikachu (shiny, hard to find)
Galarian Darumaka (shiny)

How to get Galarian Mr Mime during Go Fest 2022 in Pokémon Go

If you want to get Galarian Mr Mime, then you must purchase a ticket for this event from the in-game Pokémon Go shop. Without this ticket, you will be unable to add the rare Pokémon in your version of the game during Go Fest 2022.

Go Fest 2022 ticket holders can find Galarian Mr Mime two different ways:

Using Incense during the Tundra Habitat Hour on Saturday, 4th June
Completing steps in the Pokémon Go Fest 2022 Special Research
Feel free to pick any of the Catch, Battle, or Explore Go Fest Special Research options on any difficulty, as you get Galarian Mr Mime from the sixth step on any branching path, no matter the difficulty option.

How to get Mr Rime during Go Fest 2022 in Pokémon Go

To get Mr Rime in Pokémon Go you must evolve Galarian Mr Mime by using 50 of the Pokémon’s Candy, or Rare Candy.

There’s no special evolution item that you need, so if you’re struggling for Mr Mime or Rare Candy, just make sure to use Incense during the Tundra Habitat Hour to encounter more Galarian Mr Mime. Use a Pinap Berry to double the Candy recived for successfuly catching the Pokémon.

When you have 50 Mr Mime Candy, just select the Galarian Mr Mime you wish to evolve into Mr Rime to add the Gen 8 Pokémon to your Pokédex!

How to Get Shiny Axew in Pokemon Go fest

Axew and its evolutions will finally get their Shiny forms in Pokemon Go. As we’ll get into in the sections below, Axew will be appearing in the wild during certain times of both days.

There will be a different habitat of Pokemon appearing in Pokemon Go each hour during Go Fest and when the Plains habitat appears, that’s trainers’ chance to catch Shiny Axew. Paid ticket holders will be able to have a higher chance of finding Shiny Axew during this time, especially when an Incense is used. Axew will also appear in one-star Raids on both days of Pokemon Go Fest.

Can you play Go Fest without a ticket?

If you want to catch Torkoal and Tropius during Go Fest 2022, then you must purchase a ticket for this event from the in-game Pokémon Go shop. Without this ticket, neither Pokémon will appear in your version of the game.

What do you get for Pokemon Go Fest?

Pokémon Go Fest 2022 is the special research quest released on Day One – Saturday, 4th June – of Go Fest 2022 and is exclusive to players who purchased a ticket for the event. Completing this quest will allow you to add the mythical Land Forme Shaymin to your Pokédex.

How long is go Fest 2022?

Pokemon Go Fest 2022 takes place June 4-5. Pokemon Go’s biggest annual event, Pokemon Go Fest, is just around the corner, and it’s going to be packed with new shiny and legendary Pokemon to catch. The two-day event takes place June 4 and June 5, with different features and Pokemon available each day.

Does Go Fest increase shiny odds?

Trainers who purchase a ticket for Pokémon GO Fest 2022 will enjoy extra perks, such as event-exclusive Special Research, avatar items, and more. During event hours, you’ll have an increased chance of encountering a Shiny Pokémon in the wild and when using Incense.

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