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Is Street Fighter 6 coming out? What is the new gameplay?

Street Fighter 6 – State of Play June 2022 Announce Trailer

Street Fighter 6, the next game in the iconic series, will release in 2023! Take part in the Fighting Ground, which focuses on the classic fighting game experience with modes from previous games in the series. Two new modes will be available alongside: World Tour, an immersive single-player story experience, and Battle Hub, which will further expand the scope of player communication and engagement. Your Moment. Your Fight. Stay tuned for more information!

Is Street Fighter 6 coming out?

Capcom teased Street Fighter 6 earlier this year, but saved its more detailed trailer for Sony’s State of Play presentation on Thursday. Capcom didn’t give a release date, but said the fighting game is expected out in 2023.

Street Fighter 6’s latest trailer confirms plenty, including the return of veteran fighters Ryu (now fully bearded and extra wide) and Chun-Li (who sports a mostly new look), as well as relative newcomers Luke (who debuted in Street Fighter 5’s final piece of downloadable content) and Jamie, a brand-new fighter.

In addition to an updated roster, and a more colorful presentation for Street Fighter’s ink-splattered aesthetic, Capcom also showed off what appeared to be a free-roaming 3D component of the game, which could be a new training area. Capcom confirmed three modes for SF6: Fighting Ground, which focuses on the classic fighting game experience with modes from previous games in the series; World Tour, “an immersive single-player story experience”; and Battle Hub, which sounds like a social area for player communication.

With a separate video, Capcom announced that Street Fighter 6 will feature real-time in-game commentary — à la sports video games — with audio recorded by “well-known talent from the fighting game community.” The trailer included English commentary from Jeremy “Vicious” Lopez and Japanese commentary from Aru. It’s not clear yet whether the game will offer multiple languages in all regions, or whether Japanese Street Fighter 6 players will get Aru while U.S. players will hear Vicious. But Capcom did say the game will support subtitles for the commentary in 13 different languages.

What’s new in Street Fighter 6? 

Street Fighter 6 got its big reveal this week during PlayStation’s State of Play event, and immediately after that, what appears to be the game’s launch roster has seemingly leaked, too. Images showing a total of 22 characters have surfaced online to show some familiar Street Fighter faces as well as some new ones. Even for those characters we already knew about like Ryu, Cammy, and more, this leak appears to also have given us a new look at some of those fighters’ updated designs.

This leak appears to have originated on ResetEra, though it’s been circulated far and wide outside of that forum by now. You can see the supposed roster below after it was shared on Twitter to be discussed by those who had thoughts about the designs of the characters.

If you’re one of the many players who can’t translate the names or aren’t sure who all of the characters are by their images alone, people have also put English names to each of them, too, in some equally helpful infographics. Those are particularly useful when identifying the new characters named Kimberly, Lily, and A.K.I. who hail from the United States, Mexico, and China, respectively.

Given how many Street Fighter characters there are by now, it’s unsurprising to see that some may not have made the launch list, but given that Capcom hasn’t confirmed the release roster yet, there’s still time for others to make the cut (or be cut). Laura, for example, is a character first introduced in Street Fighter 5 who isn’t shown here in the chart, an omission which has led to players who liked her from the last game hoping she’ll get into this next one.

What is the gameplay of Street Fighter 6?

On the visual side of the game’s development, the RE Engine–which was previously used to create Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Village, and Devil May Cry 5–is being used to blend subtle details with colorful splashes of paint and graffiti. This art design is used to complement the personality of the game’s roster, which features several icons as well as new faces.

One of those new faces is Luke, who works as a martial arts instructor for a private military company. His special moves include DDT, a powerful throw activated after the first hit of an Overdrive Flash Knuckle attack, and Fatal Shot, which lets him fire an additional shockwave after an Overdrive Sand Blast.

The other new face in Street Fighter 6 is Jamie, a peacekeeper from Chinatown who looks up to Street Fighter III’s Yun and Yang, the Twin Dragons. His fighting style incorporates drunken boxing, breakdancing, and chugging a ki-unleashing drink. Jamie’s special move The Devil Inside lets him raise his Drink level and access extra moves with a quick gulp from his gourd, and Luminous Dive Kick is described as a useful surprise attack or a way to close the distance between fighters.

All fighters will have access to the Drive System, a system of five special moves that players can experiment with. Drive Impact is a powerful strike that can absorb an opponent’s incoming attack and send them flying, Drive Parry can repel an attack and refill your Drive Gauge, Drive Rush allows for the gap to be quickly closed between fighters, Drive Reversal adds counterattacks for when you’re pushed into a corner, and each character has an Overdrive Art that is similar to EX Moves from past games.

Street Fighter 6 Logo

When Street Fighter 6 was first unveiled earlier this year, one of the weirdest and most noteworthy things about its otherwise unremarkable trailer was the game’s logo. Which, as we said at the time, looked a lot like a piece of clipart.

If you missed it, on the left is the Street Fighter 6 logo as it was shown off in February, while on the right is a piece of clipart available commercially from Adobe for $80.

So it was interesting to see today that, when the game resurfaced with a new trailer, that cheap-ass logo had been removed and swapped out with something a bit slicker.

It’s actually not that different. It keeps the hexagonal shape of the first effort, along with its font, but switches things up slightly by turning that hexagon into a “6″. One that, in a neat trick, can be read two ways by flipping it on its side to reveal the Roman numerals “VI”, harking back to how every previous sequel in the series has used that convention (“Street Fighter II”, “Street Fighter IV”, etc):

Is it now a great logo? No. But it’s no longer a disaster. We think it’s interesting they went and changed it so soon, and we thought the flipped thing was neat enough to share! If you want to read more on the game’s big gameplay trailer from earlier today, head here and let Ian—who knows more about Street Fighter 6 than the rest of us put together—walk you through all the changes, including the introduction of a very odd open-world section that looks a lot like NBA 2K’s neighbourhood, only without the sneaker stores.

Is sf6 coming to Xbox?

Street Fighter 6 is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC via Steam, and Xbox Series X next year.

How old is Ryu in sf5?

57 year old Ryu is still very recognizable as one of the most popular characters in all of gaming, but definitely has a few distinctions as he’s traded in his iconic red headband for a dark blue one (it seems his original is now tied around one of his hands and forearms) and his dark hair has faded to a light gray.

Who is Luke Street Fighter?

Luke Sullivan (ルーク・サリバン, Rūku Sariban) is a fighting game character from the Street Fighter games, appearing as the last character in the fifth season pass of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and the overall final playable character of the Street Fighter V series. He returns in Street Fighter 6.

Will there be a Devil May Cry 6?

While Capcom is yet to address the existence of a sixth game, longtime leaker Dusk Golem has revealed that the game is in development. They noted that fans should “get ready to wait for several years”, meaning it’s likely only in the early stages of being worked on.

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