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The best car racing video games

Who doesn’t like to feel the speed? But in real life, getting in your car and putting the pedal to the metal can be tricky. It’s dangerous and even illegal, you have to be very careful and we don’t recommend breaking the law in any way.

But there is an alternative, a car game. Yes, there are many games that replicate the thrill of being inside a late-model car, or perhaps one of the supercars that are so much bragged about in social networks. The new emulators replicate perfectly what it is like to be inside a car, without the danger that a machine at more than 200 kilometers per hour implies.

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These are the best automotive games that offer us an unparalleled experience.

Gran Turismo

In 1998 Sony PlayStation launched Gran Turismo which already has more than 80 million units sold, and the success is due to the fact that it is an almost exact simulator. All the cars you have in the game drive just like the real thing.

The best thing is that you don’t need the steering wheel, which was sold separately, something that improved the experience, but only with the control you could feel the differences in each vehicle. If a Honda had a better suspension than a Camaro, it immediately affected the handling of the car, this was something impressive for the player.

Obviously, you had the option to modify the car and this made it even better, because if you had a favorite car, but you liked the turbo of another one, you could put it, and you could feel the difference in your car.

Currently, 13 games of this saga have been released and they are always looking for improvements. The only bad thing that could have, is that it is exclusive for PlayStation. But the graphics and the engine of the console, make it a perfect experience for car lovers. It has even been used as a simulator to obtain a driving license in some countries.

Forza Motorsport

If PlayStation had exclusive Gran Turismo, Microsoft and Xbox needed a car game to compete with the successful title. So in 2005 they launched Forza Motorsport, which focuses on track racing in a more professional environment.

But they thought they had to give freedom to the driver and created Forza Horizon which is based on an open world. In a kind of racing festival like the famous Gumball. In this case you can drive all over the city and participate in different racing events.

The Horizon was launched in 2012 and was a success, because there are already 5 deliveries and Motorsport have already 8 titles, and in each one, they are integrating new cars and improvements, because the designers work with the builders of the cars to give all possible realism to the car, moreover, if you crashed the car suffered damage, which did not happen in Gran Turismo, and the player preferred this realism than an invincible car.

 Mario Kart

A classic that will never go out of fashion. This may not be the most realistic in the world, but it is one of the most fun, and many professional drivers mention it as their favorite racing game because they grew up with this title.

Nintendo took advantage of its most famous plumber to put him in a racing world. This game is one of the world’s favorites and has even been released on cell phones, but what I like most about this game is that it unites the family and ends one or another friendship due to the frustrations of a race where someone throws the lightning.

It came out in 1992 for the Super Nintendo and never stops innovating. It has inspired many more racing titles because it was the first in which you had elements to hit your rival, and that evened out the races, even if you were in last place. Not only that, but it didn’t matter how fast you were, but how smart you were. A beauty of a video game

A virtual reality kart is being planned where you can play as one of the characters and use the items they give you. Mario Kart 9 is also being prepared for Nintendo’s new console. What is being perfected is the real kart where you can set up the tracks in your living room and control the game items with your cell phone. It seems that the possibilities with Mario Kart are endless.


This series tried to take off a bit from what Gran Turismo and Forza had to offer. Asphalt was more about street racing, but its emphasis was on crashing. Yes, as unbelievable as it sounds the appeal was to go as fast as possible and undo your car.

This took away the player’s curiosity as to what would happen if you crashed at full speed in the different cities offered by the game, of which there were quite a few. Another thing that the game had was that the cars had nitro, this meant that they were going too fast, and controlling them could be tricky.

Obviously, speed has consequences, and part of the game was that you could evade the police, which we don’t recommend doing in real life, but in the game, it gives you more points and money that you can spend to upgrade your machine, which we are sure you will crash just to see what happens.

Need for Speed

This is perhaps the quintessential car game. Electronic Arts took the concept of illicit races and police chases. It was released in 1994 and is already one of the most successful video game franchises of all time with over 150 copies sold.

Upgrading your car became an obsession and you had to win races to make money that you spent on things to make your car not only fast but also controllable. But where they hit the nail on the head is the soundtrack. They included contemporary and classic artists that you could listen to on your car radio.

The title of the series was inspired by a line from the film Top Gun. That’s what Maverick was saying to Goose, and in the game, there are references to the movie, which if you’re a fan you’ll see. Many companies have used the game to unveil cars they will sell, like the BMW M5 that first came out in the game and then on sale.

Even movies have been generated by this series. Undoubtedly the best, which of these have you played?